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Advanced Laser Device Targets Acne Effectively

Advanced Laser Device Targets Acne Effectively

Aerolase Advanced Laser Device Targets Acne Effectively

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The Neo Elite laser device (Aerolase, Tarrytown, N.Y.) offers an effective, tolerable acne treatment for patients of all ages and skin types using advanced 650-microsecond technology. As the latest iteration of the company’s mild, moderate, and severe acne treatment protocol, the Neo Elite allows deep skin penetration to reduce sebum production, suppress inflammation, and destroy p. acnes bacteria, clearing current acne and preventing future breakouts. Its deep heating energy helps build collagen, reducing the appearance of acne scars. “This device also enhances both the clinical and economic aspects of dermatology practices,” said Pavel Efremkin, Founder, CEO, and Chairman at Aerolase. “While other laser and light-based devices have historically provided limited benefits, the Neo Elite effectively treats both active acne and its side effects, such as inflammatory lesions, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), and erythema. Aerolase pioneered the use of a new laser energy delivery with high-power 650-microsecond Nd:YAG lasers, and the Neo Elite exemplifies this innovation. At a 650-microsecond pulse, it delivers laser fluency up to 255 joules per square centimeter safely and effectively. Unlike other systems that risk burns at high intensities, Aerolase’s advanced technology ensures safe and highly effective treatments.”

According to Roberta Del Campo, M.D., a dermatologist in North Miami, FL, “It has transformed my practice. Patients with the severity of acne are typically quite uncomfortable, meaning the condition can be psychologically and physically painful. With the Neo Elite, I can calm the redness, the swelling and symptoms that cause discomfort in the skin. Further, this device can be a long-lasting result when we target the sebaceous gland activity at a cellular level. It’s also been quite transformative to my practice in that I can treat acne scarring at the same time as I treat the active acne, therefore helping the patient to feel more confident from the get go.”

While traditional pharmacological treatments like topical retinoids and oral antibiotics remain essential treatment types, the Neo Elite complements these by providing faster relief and enhancing the overall treatment plan. “You can use the Neo Elite treatment in combination with Accutane or isotretinoin. Using topical treatments alongside the laser is efficacious, as this combination effectively addresses both the symptoms and underlying causes of skin conditions like acne, melasma, and psoriasis,” added Dr. Del Campo.

Roberta Del Campo, MD

“The Neo Elite acne therapy offers patients another option that works in ways that differ from what they’re used to,” said Nazanin Saedi, M.D., FAAD, Director, Laser Surgery and Cosmetic Dermatology at Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals (Philadelphia, Penn.). “It works both in combination with existing pharmaceutical solutions and by itself. The laser treatment gives faster results. I think it’s really helps to give patients hope for clearing acne faster and effectively.”

The Neo Elite acne treatment is a good choice for patients of color, noted Valerie Callender, M.D., a dermatologist and researcher in Glenn Dale, MD. “In that patient population, we frequently encounter PIH associated with acne. This laser not only addresses the acne itself but also effectively treats the accompanying pigmentation issues. Acne is the number one diagnosis in most dermatology offices. Many patients who choose laser treatments have previously attempted medical treatments but were dissatisfied with the results or encountered side effects. Laser treatments have been very successful and helpful for these patients, with no adverse events reported.”

Mr. Efremkin pointed to a recent independent peer-reviewed study on moderate-to-severe acne using Aerolase’s 650-microsecond technology. “Investigators, led by Dr. Nazanin Saedi, reported an impressive 87% reduction in lesions at 90 days post-treatment. These results were achieved across all skin types, with subjects of skin types IV to VI comprising 56% of the participants, representing a significant portion of the study group with skin of color. Patient satisfaction increased significantly, from 60% after the first treatment to 90% after three treatments and remained high post-treatment. The immediate and noticeable results after the first session and the pain-free experience are what patients attribute to this high satisfaction rate. Compliance, often a challenge in acne treatment whether using medication or other laser technologies, was extremely high with our technology because of these immediate and impressive outcomes. Additionally, in another study 90% of participants reported improvements in PIH and erythema, while 82% saw improvements in acne scars. This comprehensive improvement is noteworthy because the treatment is painless and requires no anesthetic.”

As reported by Dr. Callender, “There are a few scientific studies and publications that support this approach. It’s beneficial because, with many laser treatments, you typically need to pause the use of topical therapies like retinoids or exfoliants beforehand. However, we’ve found that with the Aerolase laser, it’s very safe to continue these medications during treatment. I have my favorite combinations, but you can effectively integrate topical, systemic, and laser treatments for optimal patient outcomes.”

“I almost always recommend both topical solutions and the Neo Elite treatment to patients,” stated Dr. Del Campo. “This is because it’s not just about treating the acne, but it’s treating everything that comes with it. The inflammation, the post-inflammatory erythema, the PIH and the textural scarring. Further, the laser treatment works immediately. With topical or other kinds of medications, it can take months to see the results.

The Neo Elite was also an easy addition to her practice’s menu of services, she added. “What makes this device fantastic is it is quick to use and easy to learn. I could employ the device after just a handful of demos, and felt comfortable passing it onto a secondary provider, knowing that it is user-friendly and extremely safe. The wavelength and quick pulse duration are the key. Also, you choose the energy level yourself, based on skin type and skin concern, which is a big plus.”

Integrating the Neo Elite into her practice “was seamless,” said Dr. Saedi. “It’s such a straightforward procedure, both for the provider and the patient. It’s not painful or very time-consuming. While it is easy to incorporate the Neo Elite for those reasons, patient frustration is another reason for bringing in the Neo Elite. Patients may start with the topicals, but they will switch over to the laser if the topicals are not really working out for them. They’ve been using the topicals consistently and have been compliant, but they are just not seeing results.”

Nazanin Saedi, MD, FAAD

Along with exceptional safety, Neo Elite treatments result in high patient satisfaction, expressed Dr. Saedi. “With the safety profile and tolerability of patients, it is far superior to other devices on the market. It goes back to the wavelength and the quick pulsation, making it extremely comfortable and also safe for all skin types and all seasons. Patients with darker skin don’t get deterred from this treatment and, even for them, it’s really well tolerated. There’s no downtime and it doesn’t hurt. That’s what they love.”

Dr. Del Campo stated, “What makes this device superior is its ability to treat acne not only on the face but also on the chest, back, and other sensitive areas. It is just as comfortable and the safety profile is just as good as on the face. Some devices are riskier to use off the face, but this device is extremely versatile in this way, and with the same safety and efficacy.”

The Neo Elite’s palette of treatments goes beyond acne, stated Dr. Saedi. “While it is a really nice complement to the traditional acne treatment methods, this device can address other indications. It’s a device that treats a wide variety of skin conditions and also gives the practice a positive return on investment. It’s very easy to recoup the money sent on the Neo Elite and make a profit because there’s no consumable cost. The treatment is also fast, and the device is very portable. Every treatment you do pays down the device or makes a profit for you.”

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