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The Aerolase Neo Elite® no-touch laser gently and safely clears your patients’ psoriasis.

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Psoriasis is a debilitating disease affecting over 8 million Americans. Besides the uncomfortable itchy, flaky, and scaly plaques that are common with the disease, most patients with psoriasis are burdened with emotional and social side effects.

About 24 percent have anxiety and about 10 percent have clinical depression.

They feel embarrassed and unattractive.

They’re constantly worried the condition will get worse.

When patients with psoriasis come to you for help, you most likely recommend home remedies or — if it’s severe enough — you send them away with a prescription for a biologic or a topical corticosteroid.

Typical Psoriasis Treatments Are Effective, But Come at a Price


Suppress immunity — an even greater concern during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Only indicated for moderate to severe psoriasis, which makes up less than 10% of psoriasis cases.

Expensive — costs patients and insurance companies $19K–$59K annually.

Topical corticosteroids

Low patient compliance, especially if the psoriasis covers a large area.

Side effects include irritation, itching, and burning.

Expensive — costs $100–$500 per tube.

More than 50% of patients diagnosed with psoriasis report a high rate of dissatisfaction with their current treatment or treatment options.

Plus, the money your patients are spending on these treatments goes directly into the pockets of pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies — instead of your practice.

“I like the fact that the handpiece does not contact the skin and the laser pulses are much gentler than other laser systems. My patients with psoriasis have responded very well to the Neo.”

Suzanne Sirota-Rozenberg, DO
Dermatologist, Woodmere, NY

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Help Better Control Their Psoriasis — and Your Revenue — with the Aerolase Neo Elite

The Aerolase Neo Elite 650 microsecond laser therapy device provides safe, effective, and tolerable treatment for psoriasis patients of all severities and all skin types.

With the Neo Elite, patients come to you for their psoriasis treatments — putting you in control of their outcomes and your revenue.

“50% of my patients have moderate psoriasis. They have failed on every topical prescription and are not severe enough to be placed on biologics. They become frustrated and stop seeking treatment. The Neo Elite offers an effective treatment that works for the moderate psoriatic patient!”

Karen Harkaway, MD
Dermatologist, Delran, NJ

It’s Not Your Typical Psoriasis Laser Treatment

Lasers have been used for years as a treatment modality for psoriasis. But the Neo Elite is different.

Compared with pulsed dye lasers, the Neo Elite’s energy travels much deeper into the skin tissue — suppressing inflammation and coagulating feeder vessels.

Gentler on the skin with less risk of bruising.

No psoralens, so less risk of complications with patient exposure to treatment UVA and sunlight.

Shown to be as effective as excimer lasers.

Better for Your Patients

No Side Effects

Quick Clearance

Covered by Insurance

No Maintenance Medications to take

Better for Your Practice

Better control over patient outcomes

Opportunity to attract more patients

One device treats several skin conditions

“The Neo is giving us quicker clearance than excimer lasers and without any side effects. We can achieve clearance, even on recalcitrant cases of the hands and feet, in as few as two treatments.”

Mark Nestor, MD, PhD
Dermatologist, Aventura, FL

Quick Treatments. Quick Clearance.

The Neo Elite helps quickly clear psoriasis plaques in a little as 10 minutes per week.

Many patients experience at least 25% clearance after only 2 treatments.

Patients’ psoriasis symptoms are dramatically better after 5 treatments.

No downtime after treatments.

Treatment Time

10-15 minutes

Number of Treatments: 1-2 per week, 5-20 total

“The Neo clears up the majority of patients’ psoriasis in just a single treatment session.”

Aletha Tippett, MD
Family Practice Physician, Blue Ash, OH

Touch-free. Pain-free.

Unlike other laser devices, the Neo Elite’s handpiece does not touch the skin — providing a safer treatment option. Your patients won’t feel pain during treatments.

“The Neo is my most profitable device in my office at this time. I turn on my Neo when the office opens and do not turn it off until the office closes.”

Michael Gold, MD,
Dermatologist, Nashville, TN

Add to Biologic Therapy for Even More Clearance

For your patients currently on biologic therapy, the Neo Elite can help them achieve greater clearance.

A recent study showed that the Neo Elite improved PASI and BSA scores when used after 28 weeks of biologic therapy with STELARA® (ustekinumab).

PASI: 75 / BSA: 8

With biologic therapy alone

PASI: 90-100 / BSA: 2-0

After treatment with Neo Elite

“From a medical standpoint, [this] laser is essential. I can’t imagine my practice without it.”

Aletha Tippett, MD
Family Practice Physician, Blue Ash, OH

The Favorite Laser Device of Skin Care Professionals

The Neo Elite was selected as Favorite Laser Device by DERMASCOPE Magazine’s Aestheticians’ Choice Awards 2015-2021.

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