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Why Better Medical Lasers Equal Better Patient Skin Care

Why Better Medical Lasers Equal Better Patient Skin Care

If you work in the medical dermatology field, than you know that your field is more than just a type of medicine: it’s a potential life changer. In a society where an emphasis on perfect skin can be seen in magazines, advertising and more, medical dermatology treatments can often provide relief for clients and patients dealing with skin conditions that interfere with their quality of life. At the same time, however, the wrong type of care can potentially worsen the condition of the people who come to your practice for help. Because of this, using the right equipment and targeting the skin issues of those you treat is critical to successfully operating a reputable practice in your area.

Your Practice And Its Equipment

The first step in evaluating whether or not your practice is using the right equipment is re-examining your practice’s current capabilities and future goals. For example, do you plan on operating as a specialized treatment center? Or do you plan on operating a generalized dermatology office? The answer to questions such as these will help you determine if you are using the best equipment.

If you decide that your practice does not have the proper equipment for treatments you would like to offer, your next step will naturally be to obtain this equipment. However, even if your practice currently uses tools designed to handle the skin issues you plan on treating, it may be worth considering an upgrade of equipment. Your medical lasers in particular may be worth updating, especially if your practice currently relies on older, bulkier lasers that require a power deck for electricity, an external cooling system, and an optical cable and lighting system. Once state-of-the-art, older tools like these can actually cost your practice and detract from your bottom line, for a number of reasons:

  • You spend more time than you should spend preparing your medical laser for use – and more money buying items that need to be used alongside older lasers, such as cooling gels.
  • Older lasers are notorious for breaking down regularly.
  • Older systems are more likely to create adverse side effects during a treatment, particularly effects caused by overheating.

Benefits Of Modern Lasers

Over time the flaws in old equipment have been addressed quite effectively. Now practices relying on older, faulty medical lasers can benefit greatly from upgrading their equipment, for a number of reasons:

  • Unlike their older counterparts, modern medical lasers are small, portable and easy to use. This allows dermatologists to use them on the go, and not just in an office setting.
  • Though smaller, they are actually even more powerful than their older counterparts – and most importantly, are safer to use.  This is due to the way modern medical lasers are designed: they specifically target and treat problematic skin conditions via energy wavelengths that are less likely to overheat a patient’s skin. This prevents thermal overstressing of the skin, thereby reducing and even eliminating pain during a laser treatment.
  • This modern medical laser design also allows dermatologists using modern medical lasers to save money on additional tools such as cooling gels, as these items are not necessary when using a modern laser.
  • Many modern medical lasers can be used by specialists to treat skin issues in all of their patients, regardless of their skin type.  This allows dermatologists to open up treatment options to more patients than ever before.
  • Dermatologists do not need to spend time warming up a modern medical laser. This allows them to see more patients in addition to being able to treat patients more quickly.

As a result of these changes, medical laser users spend more time with their patients and less time (and money!) on warming up, transporting and even repairing their practice’s medical laser. We recommend a modern medical laser for any practice looking to improve its bottom line, offer better patient treatment options, and even to expand its capabilities to include out-of-office treatments. To learn more about how one of our lasers can help you meet these goals and more, contact Aerolase for more information or a laser demonstration.

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