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Prevent and Correct Aging Skin 101

Prevent and Correct Aging Skin 101

Reverse by Aerolase Prevent and Correct from Beginner to Pro

Aging Skin 101: From Beginner to Pro

Aging is a natural process and everyone has to go through it. However, some age fast and some slow. An everlasting hot topic is how can we prevent early signs of aging and how can we correct it once it happens. The answer lies with Reverse by Aerolase®, a top-of-the-line and breakthrough way to correct and prevent signs of aging skin.

Preventing Aging

The importance of preventing aging skin for your patients is crucial. Many (younger) patients come to a practice for injections of volume and toxins but many don’t see the disconnect to address skin quality. It begins around the age of 30 with characteristics of roughness, dryness, laxity, irregular pigmentation, collagen loss, wrinkles, and redness. A combination of modalities is typically required to achieve overall patient satisfaction, but options have been limited or too complex – until now.

One of the most important steps in preventing signs of aging is to use laser therapy early on. It will stimulate collagen, which helps reduce wrinkles and improve skin texture. The Reverse treatment is a simple two-step process that can be confidently instilled into your practice, no matter who you are, who your patients are, or what your specialty is. The best part? Reverse works seamlessly with all your devices, services, and medications– we’re the perfect companion.

“Millennials want no downtime, fast treatments with no pain so they can be in and out of the door, and Neo Elite is ideal: it doesn’t touch skin and there is no gel to remove. It’s not painful and you see results immediately in terms of firming and brightness.”

—Roberta Del Campo, MD, Dermatologist, Del Campo Dermatology & Laser Institute

The Two-Step Process to Correcting

Prevent the signs of aging for patients, correct severe signs of aging, or anything in-between within a single treatment session. The Reverse treatment lets you manage the anti-aging needs of each individual patient. You can now address enlarged pores, sun damage, and brown spots, scars and acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, and overall skin quality. The results are unmatched, and the patient experience is too.

Recent studies combining these two laser devices revealed excellent patient satisfaction, a significant improvement in their various signs of skin aging, and a significant increase in skin elasticity. A combination of Nd:YAG 1064nm and Er:YAG 2940nm laser treatment renders better results for facial rejuvenation and reversing signs of aging as compared with either laser alone. Due to the proprietary delivery of laser energy into the skin, social downtime is limited to 2–4 days, with results seen within a week.

It’s time to take control of the services you offer your patients. They want simplicity, immediate outcomes with long-lasting results. They need their skin treatments to be highly comfortable without extended social downtime and a complete solution to skin aging. Reverse by Aerolase empowers you to optimize what your patients desire, ensuring your patients feel you have the right solution for their concerns. Wouldn’t you like to be in full control?

“We use the Neo Elite to safely warm the skin and then we use the Era Elite at specific settings for ablative treatment and achieve results that we couldn’t get before. It’s safe and effective for my lightest patients and my most richly complected patients.”

—Dr. Chesahna Kindred, Dermatologist, Kindred Hair & Skin Center

Tone, Texture, and Tightening

prevent and correct aging skin 101
Photos Courtesy of Dr. Chesahna Kindred
prevent and correct aging skin 101
Photos Courtesy of Blossom Medspa
prevent and correct aging skin 101
Photos Courtesy of STRELLA Aesthetics
prevent and correct aging skin 101
Photos Courtesy of Skin Boss Med Spa

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