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The Aerolase Neo Elite® laser safely and effectively addresses 36 skin concerns with a single handpiece.

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Your patients want complete skin rejuvenation without the hassle.

People of all ages and skin types are turning to cosmetic procedures to feel more confident, appear more attractive, and look as young as they feel. But the face they see in the mirror doesn’t always reflect the look they want.

According to a Recent Survey by the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS)

Patients are bothered by their skin's:
texture/discoloration 71%
Patients are bothered by lines and:
wrinkles in eye area 70%

To help them correct their skin imperfections, they’re looking for non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatments that give them great results with no downtime.

However, most traditional skin rejuvenation treatments:

Involve patient downtime

Can have harsh side effects

Aren’t always safe for skin of color

Require multiple devices to achieve desired results

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The Neo Elite Addresses Your Patients’ Top Skin Concerns All at Once — and with No Downtime

The Neo Elite is the only aesthetic laser in the industry that provides the full spectrum of non-ablative skin rejuvenation treatments in a single system. It addresses over 30 skin concerns at once, including:

Tone and Texture


Enlarged Pores

The best part? The Neo Elite is safe and gentle on all skin types — even skin of color.

Its unique 650-microsecond pulse duration is shorter than or equal to the thermal relaxation time of the therapeutic target, which means:

No Pain

No Burning

No Downtime

No Cooling or Anesthetics Required

“The 650-microsecond pulse is rapid and precise so it gets to its target, hits it, and moves out quickly with no bulk heating or burning. The Neo Elite is my go-to for treating skin of color. It has an unmatched safety profile for brown skin.”

Michelle F. Henry, MD
Dermatologist, New York, NY

Targets Three Chromophores for Maximum Results

The Neo Elite laser targets water in the papillary dermis to:

Stimulate collagen production

Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Tighten the skin

It also targets melanin and hemoglobin to:

Clear hyperpigmentation

Clear vascular lesions

Suppress inflammation

"The Neo not only tightens and refreshes the skin, but also addresses brown and red pigment, unwanted hair, acne, and more – in just a single treatment session. No other single device or handpiece can accomplish what the Neo does in a single treatment session.”

Lori Schaen, MD
Dermatologist, Dunwoody, GA

Your Patients Will Love the Results

In one study, the Neo was used on 73 patients for skin rejuvenation. Most of the patients reported a noticeable improvement in at least 2 or 3 of the targeted conditions, including:

Improvements in texture, including a reduction in pore size in several patients.

Noticeable tightening and reduction in fine lines.

Clearance of acne, erythema, spider veins, or pigmented spots.

Eighty percent of the patients in the study rated their satisfaction with the Neo’s results as medium or high.

In addition, the Neo was well tolerated without any anesthesia or any form of skin cooling needed. The patients reported little or no treatment discomfort.

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Satisfaction Rate

“I felt absolutely nothing. That's the miracle of it.”

Kathy Lee Gifford
after a skin rejuvenation treatment with the Neo

The Easiest Way to Instantly Grow Your Revenue

Adding the Neo Elite to your practice will allow you to provide in-demand aesthetic treatments right in your office — so patients come to you instead of the drugstore to address their skin concerns.

Attract More Patients

According to the ASDS, skin tightening or smoothing of wrinkles using ultrasound, laser, light, or radiofrequency is among the most popular cosmetic procedures.

There’s a growing demand for facial aesthetic procedures, particularly among young people, men, and skin of color patients.

Make a Profit Instantly

Does the work of up to 4 laser devices

Can be used for over 30 applications

No consumables, per treatment costs, or annual services contracts

“The ability for the Aerolase Neo to address numerous dermatologic conditions is especially beneficial to our practice by reducing the cost of purchasing many laser and light devices for the task of acne, rosacea and acne scar treatment, pigment reduction, and vascular treatment.”

Cheryl Burgess, MD
Dermatologist, Washington, DC

Neo + Era: Better Together

Modern protocols for skin rejuvenation ideally include two modes of treatment. That’s why Aerolase developed Reverse by Aerolase, combining non-ablative energy (Neo Elite 1064nm) and ablative energy (Era Elite 2940nm) for better results.

By using the Neo Elite and Era Elite lasers in the same treatment session, you can now independently treat each layer of the skin for maximum effect and minimum discomfort and downtime.

Reverse by Aerolase

Step 1 – Use the Neo Elite to stimulate collagen genesis and skin tightening.

Step 2 – Immediately after, use the Era Elite to gently vaporize the outer epidermal layers for wrinkle reduction and texture improvement.

“Having both lasers enables me to address this application in two distinct ways. Using the Neo alone, I can perform ‘photorejuvenation’, improving skin tone and texture with a tightening effect yet without any downtime whatsoever. With the Era alone, I can perform skin resurfacing to remove wrinkles, pigmented spots, and acne scars with profound results in as little as one treatment session.”

Edmund Liu, MD
Plastic Surgeon, Verona, NJ

The Favorite Laser Device of Skin Care Professionals

The Neo Elite was selected as Favorite Laser Device by DERMASCOPE Magazine’s Aestheticians’ Choice Awards 2015-2021.

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