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Aesthetic laser therapy is increasing in popularity, particularly among the skin of color population. Adding laser devices to your med spa that can be used on all skin types can give you an instant boost in service offerings, client volume, and revenue.

Aerolase offers two economic laser devices that require no consumables, contracts, or per-treatment costs while adding over 30 FDA-cleared indications to your services.

Use the Neo Elite® for non-ablative treatments

Over 30 Indications

The Neo Elite can treat a wide range of aesthetic conditions, including unwanted hair, acne, psoriasis, melasma, rosacea, scars, laxity, spider veins, vascular lesions, and more.

Safe for All Skin Types

The revolutionary Neo Elite Nd:YAG 1064-nm laser uses a unique 650-microsecond pulse duration, making it safe and painless for all skin types (I-VI).

The Aesthetician’s Choice

The Neo Elite was selected as Favorite Laser Device by DERMASCOPE Magazine’s 2020 Aestheticians’ Choice Awards.

“Skin of color patients will increasingly become the majority, and having one laser to address all aesthetic and medical concerns in this population will provide a dramatic and rapid return on your investment. In our practice, I earned $178,000 with the Neo Elite last year.”

Wendy Roberts, MD
Dermatologist, Rancho Mirage, CA

Use the Era Elite® for pain-free resurfacing

Results in One Session

In as little as one session, the Era Elite can improve tone and texture, shrink large pores, reduce rhytides and wrinkles, and fade sun damage.

No Collateral Damage

The Era Elite 2940-nm Er:YAG laser’s gentle 300-microsecond pulse duration produces a clean ablation with no collateral damage to the dermis — even on skin of color

Compatible with Other Therapies

The Era Elite can be combined with toxins and fillers in the same session, maximizing results and per-treatment revenue.

See first-hand how the Neo Elite and Era Elite can improve your med spa’s revenue.

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“The Era allows me to address the common concerns of my younger patients. Many of them come to me to smooth their skin or increase volume with injectables but do not understand the need to address the skin quality. Era is an excellent add-on and complement.”

James Newman, MD
Plastic Surgeon, San Mateo, CA

Customer Success, Marketing & Support

Now with the breakthrough Aerolase laser technology, practitioners enjoy new options and capabilities to treat many of the classic medical dermatology conditions, while also being able to use the very same device for all popular aesthetic treatments. With this unprecedented clinical and financial advantages, Aerolase lasers are quickly becoming a must-have technology for any aesthetic medical practice.

Clinical Support

Clinical Support

We ensure you improve patient’s skin

Marketing support

Marketing Support

We help make sure there’s patient’s skin to treat

Integrated Solutions

Integrated Solutions

Endless integrations with your existing services and devices for incredibly innovative treatments

Service support

Service Support

We keep your appointments booked with reliable devices and maintenance

See first-hand how the Neo Elite and Era Elite can improve your med spa’s revenue.

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