Vascular Case Report: Active Acne on Skin of Color

After 3 Tx. Courtesy of Dr. Osi Awudu, Family Physician, Lagos, Nigeria

Skin Type: 6 | Spot Size: 6mm, 2mm | Fluence: 18 J/cm2, 159 J/cm2 | Pulse Width: 650-microseconds | Passes: 3 per spot size

Approach: Patient presented with acne characterized by papules and pustules. Using 650-microsecond 1064nm technology, three passes with a 6mm spot size using a fluence of 18 J/cm2 were applied to cover the entire affected area in a non-overlapping painting pattern. Then, spot treatment with a 2mm lens and fluence of 159 J/cm2 was used to address individual lesions. During the third treatment the 2mm spot size was not used as there were no inflamed lesions present. Patient was given a cleanser, serum, sunscreen and a retinol based night cream post-treatment. No gels, sprays or numbing creams were used during treatment.

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