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The Aerolase Neo Elite® laser safely and effectively reduces unwanted hair for good.

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Unwanted hair can cause significant stress in your patients.

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Patients dealing with unwanted hair often experience anxiety, depression, and reduced quality of life. In one study, 75% of women with unwanted facial hair reported clinical levels of anxiety.

But finding an effective and safe hair removal solution can be frustrating. Most techniques like waxing, shaving, and electrolysis are either temporary or have painful side effects.

650-microsecond lasers are now the gold standard for permanent hair reduction

Unlike other hair removal techniques, laser devices efficiently and permanently reduce hair growth. This is why laser hair removal has become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world.

However, some lasers, like the Ruby laser (694-nm) and Alexandrite laser (755-nm), can cause pain, require downtime, and aren’t safe to use on skin of color.

Your patients deserve an effective and safe solution for permanent hair reduction.

The Aerolase Neo Elite Laser Permanently Reduces Hair on All Skin Types with No Pain or Side Effects

The Neo Elite is a revolutionary Nd:YAG 1064nm laser with a 650-microsecond pulse duration — shorter than the thermal relaxation time of the skin tissue surrounding the follicle. As a result, the heat is effectively sealed within the follicle since it doesn’t have time to conduct outward to the surrounding skin.

Permanently reduces hair after 4-6 treatments

Treatment sessions are well-tolerated

No skin cooling or anesthetics required

Safe to use on skin of color

Effective even on lighter-colored hairs and fair skin

“The Aerolase laser technology is really advanced. Treatment with the handpiece doesn’t touch the skin and you don’t need any gels, so it’s very hygienic. Any area of the body can be targeted with this laser. It is gentler and less painful than traditional lasers.”

Dr. Arusha Campbell-Chambers,
Dermatologist, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Your Patients Will Love the Results

Neo treatments have demonstrated high levels of patient satisfaction with the extent of hair removal.

Clinically-Proven to Reduce Hair

The Neo has been shown in a study to effectively and permanently reduce unwanted hair.

4 Months After 4 Treatments

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Hair Reduction
High fluence treatment group

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Hair Reduction
Low fluence treatment group

“My patients have seen incredible results and absolutely love the treatment."

Dr. Arusha Campbell-Chambers,
Dermatologist, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Safe and Well-Tolerated for All Skin Types

Hair removal treatments with the Neo proved safe and effective in 2 studies of patients with Fitzpatrick skin types II-V.

All subjects tolerated the treatments.

Only mild transient pain, erythema, and mild transient hypopigmentation were noted.

No permanent adverse events were observed.

“The Neo uses a unique pulse duration shorter than the relaxation time of the skin, so the treatment is safer and gentler on skin of color — even without the use of skin cooling or anesthetic.”

Fran Cook-Bolden, MD,
Dermatologist, New York, NY

An Instant Profit Booster

The Neo Elite is exceptionally affordable with no consumables, per treatment costs, or annual service contracts. You can start making a profit immediately.

Multiple treatment sessions increase your per-patient revenue.

Saves time, cost, and mess by eliminating gels and sprays required by other lasers that cool the skin during treatment.

Compact and portable, allowing easy transport from room-to-room or office-to-office.

Can be used for over 30 other indications, increasing your revenue potential.

“The Neo is my most profitable device in my office at this time. I turn on my Neo when the office opens and do not turn it off until the office closes.”

Michael Gold, MD,
Dermatologist, Nashville, TN

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The Favorite Laser Device of Skin Care Professionals

The Neo Elite was selected as Favorite Laser Device by DERMASCOPE Magazine’s Aestheticians’ Choice Awards 2015-2021.

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