Remove limitations and concerns when treating all skin types!

The go-to devices for safely treating skin of color are available for your practice.

Next Generation Medical and Aesthetic Devices for Skin Concerns

Treating darker skin tones has been a common challenge in the industry with many risks associated with treatments. With Aerolase skin health devices, the laser’s pulse durations targets the problem area more rapidly than the rate at which heat is conducted to the surrounding skin. Thus increasing efficacy, safety, and comfort. While lowering chance of tissue of damage.

Neo Elite®

(Non-ablative Laser)

Neo Elite by Aerolase

Era Elite®

(Ablative Laser)

Era Elite by Aerolase


(Phototherapy Lamp)

Exci308 by Aerolase

Between the Neo Elite®, Era Elite®, and Exci308®, our devices have the capability to treat over 40 medical and aesthetic indications





Spider Veins





Skin Rejuvenation


Sun Damage


and more!

“Skin of color patients will increasingly become the majority, and having one laser to address all aesthetic and medical concerns in this population will provide a dramatic and rapid return on your investment. In our practice, I earned $178,000 with the Neo Elite last year.”

Wendy Roberts, MD
Dermatologist, Rancho Mirage, CA

Stand out from your competition and provide the treatments and results your patients are looking for!

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