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Laser Skin Health

We’re driven by our passion for improving skin concerns and by the means we deliver results.

Our Mission

Who We Are

We are a worldwide technology leader in laser skin health. Our lasers are the product of more than two decades of research and development. Aerolase develops integrated solutions to the most commonly seen dermatological conditions and in-demand aesthetic procedures. Our lasers substantially improve treatment outcomes and patient experiences, help physicians practice medicine profitably, and reduce overall care costs in an evolving healthcare market.

What We Do

At our core, Aerolase understands aesthetic laser medicine is essential to dermatology, plastic surgery, and the worldwide network of skin health professionals; however, the only improvements made for lasers are in features and appearance— the primary function of how lasers deliver energy to the skin has not changed since their inception for skin treatment.

Through 20 years of research, development, and engineering, Aerolase has developed a new category of lasers for aesthetic medicine by reinventing its power systems and optical components, which have enabled a more efficient way of delivering energy to the skin.

These new developments allow our devices to open new and improved applications, experiences, and results for skin health professionals and their patients.

Our Devices Improve Patient Experiences

  • Treatments that are uniquely comfortable and pleasant:
    • Highly comfortable without anesthetic or cooling.
    • No contact with the skin and no messy gels.
  • Treatments carry a high patient satisfaction rate:
    • Early onset of results with high efficacy after the complete treatment package.
  • Treatment confidence for patients of any age or skin type:
    • Clinically proven safe and effective on darker and tanned skin.
    • Males and younger patients (typically pain-sensitive) are excellent candidates.

Our Devices Improve User Experiences

  • Treatments are simple to deliver:
    • Treatment parameters are easy to set per patient.
    • Safety profile and ease of replicating results per patient allow for delegation of treatment without risking your reputation.
  • Low maintenance and no per-treatment consumables:
    • No routine maintenance, calibration, or troubleshooting allows you to keep your business running daily without worry.
    • No per-treatment consumables let you price treatments more according to your patient demographic while being highly profitable.

Our Devices Improve Results on All Skin Conditions, Including Unmet Needs

  • Photodamage, hyperpigmentation, and inflammation – melasma, aging, and acne
    • The most common conditions seen in aesthetic offices
  • Melanin-rich skin
    • Applications that can be used as safely on skin of color as that of Fitzpatrick skin types I-III
    • Applications more prevalent in skin of color including hyperpigmentation, ingrown hair, and skin laxity
  • Prejuvenation and rejuvenation for younger patients
    • The most in-demand skin concerns surrounding aging skin

Medical Advisory Board

Aerolase® has transformed aesthetic laser medicine based on patented design innovations and the breakthrough of 650 and 300 Microsecond Technology®. We are grateful to be driven by ongoing clinical research from our esteemed Medical Advisory Board and community of professionals.

The development of our company, products, and treatment has been driven by clinical research, and in that respect, we are privileged to benefit from the inputs and expertise of our esteemed Medical Advisory Board.

Michael Gold, MD

Michael Gold

MD – Chairman

cheryl burgess

Cheryl Burgess


valerie callender

Valerie Callender


suneel chilikuri

Suneel Chilukuri


Fran Cook-Bolden, MD

Fran Cook-Bolden


steven dayan

Steven Dayan


Roberta Del Campo, MD

Roberta Del Campo


Jason Emer, MD

Jason Emer


David Friedman, MD

David Friedman


David Goldberg, MD, JD

David J. Goldberg


James Gordon, MD, FAAO, FACS

James Gordon


Karen Harkaway, MD

Karen Harkaway


Michelle Henry, MD

Michelle Henry


Bruce Katz, MD

Bruce Katz


Khalil Khatri, MD

Khalil Khatri


Chesahna Kindred


Mark Nestor, MD, PhD

Mark Nestor


James Newman, MD, FACS

James Newman


Arisa Ortiz, MD

Arisa Ortiz


Kevin Pinski, MD

Kevin Pinski


Wendy Roberts, MD

Wendy Roberts


Nazanin Saedi, MD

Nazanin Saedi


Suzanne Sirota Rozenberg


#NoTouchAerolase. Above the Skin. Above All Other Technologies.

A contactless treatment is built into the core essence of our laser technology and patient experience. Our community of users has always valued our #NoTouchAerolase treatment. The millions of treated patients have always raved about the levels of hygiene and comfort involved with each and every one of the 36 FDA cleared indications for all skin types and tanned skin.

Now? There’s no substitute for a #NoTouchAerolase treatment. It’s the new level of care, safety, and patient peace of mind for any aesthetic medical laser treatment. It’s the expected level of care that sets you apart from any other office using any other aesthetic device. The treatment standard has been set. It’s #NoTouchAerolase

No Skin Contact. No Skin Cooling Necessary. No Worries for Your Patients.

Our devices offer two specific safety benefits when they matter most to you and your patients:

  1. Our handpieces do not touch the skin (contactless laser therapy)
  2. Aerolase laser therapy does not require skin cooling (no cooling gels, sprays or forced air that can spread airborne pathogens)

The unique Aerolase air-cooled laser technology inherently improves air quality by filtering the air inside the laser handpiece and exposes it to high optical energy.