New: Innovative Rosacea Treatment Strategies

Defining Laser Skin Health

The integration of technologies into the Aerolase devices allow them to blow away others in performance and technologic efficiency – taking on skin concerns with a new energy delivery system while eliminating up to 90 percent of the labor-intensive subsystems from the previous generations of devices.

A device built to
grow your practice.
Neo Elite by Aerolase
A device built to
prevent and correct aging skin.
Era Elite by Aerolase
A device built to
remove all vascular concerns.

Our Advanced Devices and Technology

Improve everything skin-related with just a few devices. We believe laser skin health can be simpler and more effective. That traditional medications and energy-based devices should be challenged. Our devices are developed with the skin health professional and their patients in mind. They deliver better results, better experiences, and make it easier for everyone to achieve never-before-seen clinical success with new user-friendly interfaces and delivery systems.

Trusted by Today’s
Top Skin Health Professionals

Aerolase lasers are award-winning devices skin health professionals choose to improve skin concerns in over 50 countries across the world. Give the results your patients have always desired.


60+ Growing Number of Peer-Reviewed and Clinical Publications


Millions of Patients Delighted Across the World


92% Customer Advocacy and Patient Satisfaction Rates


#1 Pioneer of Addressing Concerns for All Skin Types

A Whole New Way to Deliver Energy to the Skin

Aerolase lasers energy delivery maximize results and minimize discomfort. They perfect the dynamic interaction of how laser energy interacts with the skin. They create desired changes to skin concerns in an incredibly efficient manner. The result? Accomplishing what other devices can’t, an approach other devices can’t copy, and results for patients who have never experienced optimal methods of treatment or impactful outcomes.

Unmatched Results

Our new energy delivery systems create mechanism’s of action that address the root causes of skin concerns within a safer, more comfortable, and effective delivery method. This allows you to deliver consistent, improved results for all skin concerns and for patients of all ethnicities.

Quicker Result Times

Give quicker, more impactful results for increased patient satisfaction with Aerolase laser skin health. With patient visits occurring more often, you and your patients will see major changes right in front of you.

Ease of Use for Everyone

Simple, intuitive, and straightforward operation lets you feel confident in delivering incredible results safely and comfortably.

Increased Revenues through Results

Aerolase makes it easy to run your business profitably. Establish a full range of services, deliver incredible results, and build a highly profitable and rewarding business – whatever your level of expertise.