Laser Service and Maintenance

Aesthetic Laser Upgrades & Better Technical Support

Quality technical support is necessary to achieve long-term laser therapy success in the medical and aesthetic industry.

All lasers need regular preventative maintenance to stay in excellent condition, and lasers have to be in excellent condition to produce desirable results for clients. It doesn’t matter if you are treating acne or performing laser hair removal, your laser has to be the latest technology to get the best results.

Many laser manufacturers are notorious for overcharging customers for repairs and extended warranties. However, Aerolase seeks to stand apart from the rest by giving an unsurpassed level of support and service. All new Aerolase lasers come with full warranties and maintenance plans, plus affordable extension and repair options for future years. Our technicians are the most thorough in the industry and deliver immediate service to customers

At Aerolase, we respect our customers and appreciate their business – so we are here to help at a moment’s notice.

Better Reliability

Busy practices need dependable lasers that can handle unrestricted use. If your existing system consistently breaks down, you may be faced with cancelled appointments, unhappy patients, and lost revenue. If that’s the case, it is definitely time for an aesthetic laser upgrade.

Aerolase laser systems are built to last. With proper maintenance, Aerolase lasers can be workhorses for your clinic for many years. Reliable, powerful, and effective, our systems promise fewer headaches, better patient satisfaction, and improved profitability. Our practitioners still rave about their laser devices, even after years of usage.

Maintenance Without Hassle

Aerolase’s technical service department offers installation, troubleshooting, and repair for all of our lasers.

Call the toll free number (800) 364 – 9010 for any support issues and our responsive technicians will assure that your Aerolase system performs at its best.

Immediate, Expert Support

Aerolase’s laser technicians exclusively work on Nd: YAG and Erbium laser systems for unparalleled expertise in the industry.

With their advanced knowledge behind Nd: YAG and Erbium technology. Aerolase technicians are able to better diagnose and repair sensitive system components.

While other companies may hire freelancers to take care of customer laser maintenance, Aerolase dedicates 100% of its technical work with internal, full-time employees. Our in-house technical work allows us to boast the best service turnaround times of any Nd: YAG and Erbiumlaser manufacturer in the US.

Aerolase technicians are able to resolve many issues over the phone, but are also able to travel to your location or jump on a video call to diagnose and resolve technical issues.

Become an Aerolase VIP with Affordable Extended Warranties

All Aerolase lasers are quality produced and inspected, plus they come with industry standard warranties. However, all lasers need regular preventative maintenance by licensed technicians to perform optimally and give effective treatments. Extended coverage is a smart choice for busy practitioners whose practices depend on laser therapy. . After your initial warranty period is over, you can decide to continue additional maintenance with an extended service plan.

The laser industry has a bad reputation for gouging practitioners for service plans and warranties. At Aerolase, we treat our customers with the utmost respect and strive to provide the most affordable extended warranties in the industry. Since Aerolase systems feature top-quality engineering, the cost of maintenance is minimal – and we pass those savings on to our customers.

Flexible Service Options

With Aerolase, you are never locked into extended warranties as your only option. If a service plan does not make sense for your business model, you can still have expert Aerolase maintenance and repairs for your laser.

Aerolase offers affordable, convenient a la carte service options to customers to give them a safety net for past-warranty machines. Many laser manufacturers force customers to pay for extended warranties and otherwise refuse to provide service. At Aerolase, our commitment to customers extends for the entire life of your machine, and we aim to give you smart options that fit your budget.

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