Breakthrough Acne Solution

Proven alternative to treat mild to moderate acne.

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The Most Common Dermatological Disease in the USA

Acne affects:

85% young adults aged 12–25

37% adult women aged 25–50

25% adult men aged 25–50

Do You See the Dilemma with Conventional Acne Treatments?

Step 1: Diagnose

Step 2: Prescribe

Step 3: Wait & See

With the conventional model, patient outcomes are unpredictable. Prescriptions carry adherence issues, limited efficacy, and patient expenses. Today patients want a simpler, more effective treatment for acne.

The Neo Elite® Revolutionizes Acne Therapy

Acne Therapy Mechanism of Action

The marriage of the 1064nm wavelength with 650 microsecond technology allows you to comfortably penetrate deep into the dermis to address causative factors of acne for patients of any age or skin type.

Neo Elite Acne Calculator

Discover how much revenue you can generate by treating acne with the Aerolase Neo Elite.


Clinically Reviewed and Proven

Nazanin Saedi, MD

Associate Dermatologists of Plymouth Meeting

“Though he was on Accutane - he was still suffering from acne that was visible. And with the Neo, we were able to clear his acne, and also clear the hyperpigmentation, which were the residual signs of acne.”

The Complete Acne Solution

Address active acne and the numerous complications that come with the disease including:

Let’s Discuss Your Acne Strategy.