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Your Practice And Your Patients: Wrinkle Reduction

Your Practice And Your Patients: Wrinkle Reduction

Chances are that if you currently run a cosmetic practice or spa, you’ve seen clients looking for ways to reduce the visibility of a universal sign of aging: wrinkles. Wrinkle treatments are one of the most popular cosmetic treatments to date; however, due to the discomfort and unreliability of other wrinkle treatments on the market, more and more potential clients are looking for newer treatment methods that would allow them to look younger and more efficiently. With this demand growing more and more, we recommend evaluating your own practice’s wrinkle treatment capabilities and considering if it’s time to upgrade your business tools by investing in the treatment options that more and more potential clients are looking for.

Understanding The Popularity Of Wrinkle Reduction

The demand for wrinkle reduction treatment options is not an entirely new one; as far back as the early 2000s, clinics began offering treatments (such as Botox injections) to clients that were looking to treat their age lines. In recent years, however, organizations such as the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) have observed an increase in the number of “wrinkle-conscious consumers” seeking out cosmetic treatments for wrinkles. The demand for these treatments has been fueled by a number of factors, including the universal desire to look as youthful as possible (combined with the fact that many signs of aging are generally not viewed positively in our culture). Another key factor fueling this increase in demand, however, is the advancement in treatment options available to patients.

Treatment Options For Wrinkle Reduction

Historically, multiple wrinkle reduction treatments have been available to clients. Some wrinkle reduction treatments are available over the counter, in the form of ointments and creams; these treatments, however, work temporarily at minimally, if they work at all. Another option, Botox injections, has proved to be extremely popular, with annual Botox treatment numbers rising to the millions; however, Botox may be seen by some patients as a little invasive. Patients are also likely to reject invasive and even abrasive procedures, such as skin peels, in favor of gentler and more effective treatment possibilities.

Most recently, some clinics have begun using laser treatment procedures to treat clients’ wrinkles. Laser treatments allow professionals to stimulate collagen and elastin production during a non-invasive skin treatment. This allows clients to obtain the smoother appearance they’re looking for, while also undergoing a treatment that takes very little time and which is unlikely to do more damage than repair to their skin.

Choosing A Medical Laser For Wrinkle Reduction

If your practice or spa is considering adding or updating a medical laser to help keep up with a growing demand for wrinkle reduction treatments, it’s important to select a modern medical laser for use. Choosing a modern medical laser will reduce the chances of your patients suffering from adverse side effects during treatments. We particularly recommend considering a laser that uses microsecond pulse technology, as this type of energy delivers powerful but painless laser pulses deep into a client’s dermis in a fashion that prevents overheating in the skin. The result is overall wrinkle reduction and improvements in tone, texture, and an overall healthy glow in a client’s skin, all provided through a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure. This technology also eliminates the need for your practice to invest in cooling pads and gels, generating a strong ROI for your investment while still allowing you to safely treat wrinkles around the eyes or mouth, Crow’s feet, frown lines, and other facial wrinkles.

Our Recommendation? Invest In Aerolase

At Aerolase, we’ve developed medical lasers that can reduce and even eradicate some types of wrinkles while also profoundly rejuvenating a client’s skin in a low-risk, minimally invasive treatment. Many of the practices we’ve worked with have observed that our micropulse lasers work much more effectively than the fractional laser resurfacing techniques they relied on in the past. Our products are a great upgrade option for practices that are looking to save time and money during their operations. For more info on laser skin resurfacing and the treatment of wrinkles, or to arrange a laser demonstration, we invite you to contact Aerolase.

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