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Wound Healing with Neo®

Wound Healing with Neo®

Nd:YAG (1064nm) laser therapy has been proven to stimulate collagen production, which is a desired mechanism for wound healing. However, traditional Nd:YAG aesthetic lasers were not designed with wound healing in mind; they tend to be very painful and they require continuous contact with the skin tissue by a handpiece. And for many practitioners, these larger systems are cost prohibitive.

The Neo laser, with its innovative 650 Microsecond Technology®, now brings this versa- tile modality to the field of wound healing. The laser can set at a low-level mode and its unique pulse duration eliminates treatment pain. Also, the laser allows the operator to deliver the energy at any distance from the tissue, avoiding contact with the wound and keeping the procedure quick and sanitary.

“When I started looking at lasers for wound healing, I was very intrigued that lasers stimulate collagen,” said Aletha Tippett, MD, a family physician who practices in Blue Ash, OH. “No one was using an aesthetic laser for this, but ultimately I decided on the Nd:YAG from Aerolase because I could set it at low power and the laser does not contact the wound during treatment.”

“The results have been nothing less than spectacular. I am typically seeing 50-70% reduction in wound size in one week, and many wounds have healed completely within two weeks. I believe that the laser stimulates collagen, but there might also be alteration of the cell membrane, with release of ions and neurotransmitters, possibly NO production, and stimulation of the wound healing cascade.”

Dr. Tippett now has two Neo lasers in her practice, as well as the Era. Although wound healing is a passion of hers, she also uses the lasers to perform a wide array of medical and aesthetic procedures – some generating new cash revenues, others bringing additional reimbursement income into her practice.

“In addition to cash-paying treatments such as hair removal and photorejuvenation, the Neo is great for acne, rosacea and psoriasis as well as painful syndromes (arthritis, myalgia) and wound healing,” said Dr. Tippett. “My patients absolutely love the laser and all it can do. It has opened a whole new world of possibilities, and ways of interacting with people.”

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Owner of Skin Boss Med Spa