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Why Laser Acne Treatments?

Why Laser Acne Treatments?

If you work in a private practice or dermatology office, chances are that you meet with many patients dealing with bad acne. Acne is the most common skin condition in the United States, affecting as many as 17 million people. Though acne mostly affects teenagers, it can also often affect individuals between the ages of 20 and 40.

In addition to being a common source of diminished confidence among patients and clients, acne may also negatively affect the way other individuals view acne sufferers; some research suggests that bad acne can even interfere with one’s ability to complete a successful job interview. Because of this, those with acne are likely to turn to a doctor or dermatologist for help.

Acne treatment begins with a regimen of over-the-counter medications (OTC), which may address some milder cases of acne. Different acne medications and creams are available over the counter, and will target one of several possible acne causes based on the primary ingredient in the product being used. However, when these products do not work after 6 – 8 weeks of use, patients are advised to meet with a specialist, who can better diagnose the root of the issue and prescribe stronger acne treatment products, and even oral medications, to address the problem.

There are, however, side effects associated with many of the prescription topical medications and oral medications that treat acne. If a patient or client experiences adverse reactions that prevent them from getting the treatment they need, or if the prescription treatments do not effectively treat their acne, their doctor or dermatologist will need to look into other treatment avenues.

Acne treatments can be replaced or enhanced with professional laser procedures, which can effectively reduce the number of or eliminate the bacteria dwelling in a patient’s dermal sebaceous glands. Lasers that use deep penetrating energy may also be used to target the hair shaft and follicle of a problem area; doing this can eliminate the presence of hairs and reduce the probability that sebum will block the pores and create additional acne breakouts.

However, not all laser treatments are created equally, particularly if a practice is using an outdated medical laser. Because of this, doctors and dermatologists must take care when determining which procedure – and which laser – they’ll treat a patient with. This is particularly important considering that a facial laser treatment procedure can be key part of treating acne.

To minimize the risk of complications, and to offer patients and clients a safe skin care experience, it’s best to use a powerful laser that is safe to use with multiple skin types. The Neo laser, which is the most advanced and efficacious for laser acne treatment, meets both of these specifications. In contrast to aesthetic lasers designed in previous decades, the Neo delivers optimal and exceptionally high power pulses (up to 20,000 watts per pulse) to effectively superheat the sebaceous gland and its surroundings. This technology allows the Neo to deliver high-power, long wavelength 1064nm laser energy deeper in the dermis than any other laser/light modality. This allows the energy to effectively reach the sebaceous glands located in the dermis for maximum heating and bacterial destruction. The design of the Neo also results in a minimal loss of heat through conduction to the surrounding skin tissue, reducing the risk of patients suffering adverse side effects due to overheating.

Thanks to the Neo, many Aerolase clients have seen significant clearance of acne in many cases after just one or two laser acne treatments. With clearer skin, these individuals are able to go about a more normal life and experience a boost of confidence.

To learn more about how the Neo can treat acne and become a part of your practice’s treatment system, please contact us for a demonstration and consultation.

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