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Which Aerolase Medical Laser Belongs At Your Practice?

Which Aerolase Medical Laser Belongs At Your Practice?

For many people, a new year equals a new beginning – perhaps because they’re ready to begin a new job, ready for a return to health, or ready to improve their appearance. For dermatologists and skin care professionals, all of these New Year investments can lead to a new round of clients looking for a range of medical and cosmetic treatments. And if your practice isn’t ready to handle this influx, your bottom line and patient intake alike could suffer.

One way to ensure that you can deliver on your client’s needs is to invest in up-to-date medical tools – such as medical lasers – since today’s patients expect the best medical professionals to offer the best treatment options. But with an array of skin care tools available for use today, it can be difficult to know which ones to invest in.

At Aerolase, we understand exactly what makes a medical laser the best it can be. With that in mind, all of our medical aesthetic lasers were designed specifically to provide new levels of clinical efficacy, safety, versatility, practical utility and cost effectiveness to a range of practitioners and care centers. And to help you begin to make a decision on which medical laser belongs at your practice or center, we’ll look over our own medical lasers so that you can see at a glance which one might be a good fit with your needs.

The Neo

The Neo is a great example of how advances in technology tend to make products smaller and more affordable, yet simultaneously more powerful. Designed to replace traditional bulky and stationary water-cooled lasers, the Neo utilizes 650 Microsecond Technology® to deliver laser energy deep into targeted tissues with minimal absorption by the surrounding epidermal melanin. This avoids overheating of the skin, which minimizes and even eliminates treatment-associated pain; it also reduces the risk of any common side effects associated with medical lasers. As a result, the Neo can perform laser skin treatments and procedures without needing to cool a patient’s skin during treatment, even when treating skin of color. This, in turn, saves practitioners valuable time and cuts down on both cost and mess (due to the elimination of cooling gels, sprays and anesthetics). Best of all, the Neo can be used to perform a total of 17 different treatments, including laser hair removal, PFB treatment, wrinkle removal, skin rejuvenation, and more. This makes the Neo an ideal tool for a multi-purpose skin treatment office.

The Era

Our Era is a 100% portable and maintenance-free full power Er:YAG laser system; this high precision 2940 nm laser utilizes a gentle 300-microsecond pulse duration to vaporize epidermal skin imperfections while leaving deeper layers of skin untouched. By design, the Era allows for independent depth of ablation of both shallow or deep indications within a treatment site. The Era also allows for precision targeting of difficult contours within the nose and periocular areas. As a result of these features, the Era offers a range of skin condition treatments, including but not limited to eradication of wrinkles (periocular fine lines, crow’s feet, smoke wrinkles), scar resurfacing (acne scars, burn scars), removal of sun damage, age spots and other cutaneous lesions, and pore reduction. Like the Neo, Era treatments are quick, safe, and minimally invasive with low patient discomfort levels – as a result, it’s sure to please patients and practitioners alike.

The LightPod Forte

The LightPod Forte provides a high ROI tool for practitioners that offer specialized or difficult skin treatments thanks to its high efficacy, treatment versatility, system portability, and the lack of costly consumables or maintenance. Named for its high power, the LightPod Forte provides short in-house laser treatment times. To make these quick treatments possible, the Forte uses a powerful, deep-heating laser modality within tolerable pulse durations. This makes the Forte ideal for treatments on spider veins, ulcers and other conditions of the foot and ankle; it can also be used to treat warts in a non-invasive manner. In addition to its ability to address difficult skin issues, a Forte laser treatment is capable of penetrating through nail and into the nail matrix, heating the tissue deep in the nail bed and maximizing the coagulation of soft tissue contaminated with fungus.

The V650

Historically, vascular lesions and laser dermatology go hand in hand; our V650 continues this tradition while setting a new standard for a wide range of vascular treatments. When using the V650, a dermatologist has a single laser modality that can effectively treat conditions at lower and higher fluences alike. As a result, the V650 can be used to address rosacea, port wine stains, psoriasis, facial vessels, leg telangiectasias and angiomas, and even scar reduction. Like all of Aerolase’s lasers, the V650 does not contact the skin or require skin cooling during treatment, and does not include any costly consumables or costly service contracts. This allows for treatment versatility and affordable cost-of-ownership that maximizes profitability for a professional working in the field of vascular lesion treatments.

The LightPod Nova

The LightPod Nova takes our micropulse treatments to another level by enhancing their pigmentary applications. By utilizing Micro-Q® technology, we’ve combined the power and gentleness of 650-microsecond energy with the skin tissue interaction of Q-switched 1064nm modality, which has proven to be effective in clearing difficult pigmentary conditions. This allows our Nova medical lasers to be used in treatments for darker tattoo removal, lentigines, melasma and more. Nova medical lasers can also be used to treat superficial redness and other aesthetic or even medical issues, such as poikiloderma of civatte. By design, the LightPod Nova is able to target superficial lesions as well as deeper pigmented lesions and opens up new opportunities for shorter treatment times, increased efficacy and patient satisfaction in a uniquely gentle patient experience. And as with other Aerolase medical lasers, the LightPod Nova leads to minimal side effects and is exceptionally portable, equipping its users with all of the components they need to obtain a high ROI.

As this list highlights, each of our Aerolase medical lasers, while versatile, specializes in addressing certain patient needs. By identifying which of your patients could benefit the most from Aerolase, you can narrow down your choice and decide which of our medical lasers is right for you. For additional information on how you can purchase or lease LightPod medical aesthetic lasers from Aerolase, we invite you to fill out our Information Request form.

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