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Skin Care, Health And Safety: Aerolase Puts Safety First

Skin Care, Health And Safety: Aerolase Puts Safety First

If your practice has any history of working with medical lasers, then you understand the importance and legal necessity of establishing laser safety protocols. The need for safety protocols, training, and even audits stems from the powerful capabilities of medical lasers, which – if not handled properly – can harm both patients and practitioners.

Safety protocols must also be developed, maintained, and updated every time a new piece of equipment is brought on board at practice, to ensure that your staff understands the differences between old and new pieces of equipment. There is, however, good news if you are looking at bringing a new piece of equipment: many modern lasers are naturally designed to be safer than their older counterparts. As a result, many new pieces of equipment are intuitively easier to use and work naturally alongside safety protocols to keep practitioners and patients alike safer.

Aerolase Medical Lasers: A Study In Safety

At Aerolase, our team is fully committed to providing effective and safe treatments that benefit both patients and the doctors who treat them. To make this a reality, we have designed a series of lasers that provide new levels of reliability and safety to patients and laser users alike. To make this happen, our lasers utilize 650-microsecond pulse technology. This technology allows our lasers to deliver energy deep to targeted tissues but also results in lower amounts of epidermal absorption. The result is a powerful treatment that carries a minimal risk of overheating in the skin.

By reducing the risk of thermal overeating, we are also able to reduce the risk of patients suffering from side effects once commonly associated with laser skin treatments. As a result, our lasers carry a minimal risk of thermally overstressing the epidermal melanin and are not likely to overheat or excessively stimulate the nerve endings in the dermis. This equals fewer side effects in patients, such as pain, burns, and pigmentation issues. All of this is carried out without the laser once touching a patient’s skin – another unique health and safety feature, as well as a patient pleaser.

These safety features can also save practitioners valuable time and money. For example, Aerolase laser procedures can be performed without needing to cool the skin during treatment, even on the skin of color. This not only increases the safety of the procedure but also avoids a lot of the cost, time, and mess that has been associated with the use of sprays, gels, and other cooling methods of the previous generation of laser systems.

Additionally, each Aerolase laser is designed with safety in mind; a simplified operator interface, for example, makes the laser easier to use than a multi-part, bulky treatment laser once did. This new level of device safety and ease of use allows professionals to focus most of their attention on their patients, rather than on operating a complicated laser.

Help Your Patients: Join Our Family

If you are thinking about ways to improve safety at your practice, switching to Aerolase is a worthy consideration. Our targeted treatments will quickly prove their weight in gold thanks to their combined safety and effectiveness. To learn more about Aerolase’s product line-up, we invite you to contact Aerolase – we can provide information or even arrange a LightPod laser demonstration to help you determine if our lasers are just what you’re looking for.

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