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Portable Laser Technology for a Mobile Laser Practice

Portable Laser Technology for a Mobile Laser Practice

It’s no secret that the demand for skincare services continues to grow. With that so do clients’ expectations of the quality of service offered as well as the number of services offered. So how can a spa competitively increase treatment options and revenue while either keeping their brick and mortar establishment exactly the same? Enter the mobile spa market to provide off-site services or even services that cannot be done at your brick and mortar facility.

While this may not be a completely new concept, most mobile spa services are not full service and are not effectively able to offer the full range of skincare services that their actual establishment offers. And why is that? For one thing, most laser, RF, and body contouring devices are far too large, heavy and delicate to constantly move around from site to site, much less treatment rooms within a facility. Traditionally this has limited much of the mobile spa market to facials, peels, botox & injectables and massages. This leaves out an entire group of treatment options for clients and a large gap within your offered services. Fortunately, like computers and phones, new advancements in aesthetic medical laser technology allows them to be more compact while being more advanced, powerful, versatile and affordable. This breakthrough technology enables a truly portable laser and the ability to upgrade from just a mobile spa to a mobile laser spa.

Aerolase, Tarrytown, NY, is the world leader in the miniaturization of high-powered aesthetic medical lasers – a core technology in the fields of aesthetic & medical dermatology as well as the medical spa industry. The company’s flagship device, the Neo Nd:YAG 1064nm laser, is capable of treating the full range of aesthetic laser procedures including hair removal, skin rejuvenation and tightening, veins, pigmentation and wrinkle reduction as well as medical conditions such as acne, rosacea, psoriasis and problem nails. LightPod lasers are packaged in an innovative, portable system that weighs only 22 lbs. within a briefcase design that can conveniently fit in the front seat of a car for true portability. Due to this advanced technology, which also allows the system to be maintenance free, the system offers excellent return on investment, while being uniquely affordable at a fraction of the cost of traditional big-box lasers.

So, what does this mean for the mobile spa market? Laser treatments, the most profitable and highly demanded treatments, are now untethered from the treatment room. Now you can utilize a broader range of products and treatment options for your clientele, which enables new, lucrative revenue streams for your business. While you may say, “Sure, I can now offer mobile laser treatments, but what can that truly do for my spa?” Here are a few tips to jumpstart the excitement of your mobile laser practice’s profits and competitive edge.

Always Open for Business
Employing mobile laser services allows your facility to continually run even if the physical facility is closed. Overhead is kept to a minimum through the use of mobile appointments, which can be on a non-operating day, after business hours or even to fill downtime during your skincare professionals’ day. Your employees will appreciate the opportunity to earn some extra income and your clients will certainly enjoy the freedom of you being able to accommodate their busy schedules. Plus, the added benefit and convenience of a client being treated in the comfort of their home is not only appealing, but allows higher pricing for such a tailored service that caters to each of your client’s specific needs.

Laser Spa Partying for New Clientele
Mobile spa capabilities allow the traditional medical spa to provide their clients with additional treatment options that extend their current services, products and packages. There is a growing demand for laser spa parties and social gatherings as well as in-home treatments for extra-busy, pregnant or even house-stricken clients. Having mobile laser capabilities allow medical spas to host large parties in a client’s home that would otherwise not be possible within the facility. While there may only be one person who regularly visits your spa, all of the guests will now be familiar with the spa, its services, products and treatments. With this exposure, a new group of potential clientele is reached, which can lead to new regulars for your business.

Connecting with Your Community of Local Businesses
Many local businesses can benefit from spa services, but are unable to undertake such an endeavor. For example, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes and corporate campuses all have a steady population of potential laser spa clients, but do not have the ability to operate a full-service medical spa. Having access to such facilities gives them a great edge over other similar local businesses. Not only are the employees, guests or patients prospective laser spa customers, but, depending on a business’ goals, there may be opportunities to use your mobile services as employee rewards, a thank you to clients or as an employer thank you day for increasing workforce wellbeing. This can be a very positive solution for both businesses involved and will take little time and effort to start-up.

Turning Your Existing Clientele into Your Marketing Workhorse
Let your current clients know about your new mobile laser services via email, social media, direct mail, in-office materials and staff referrals to kick start your mobile laser services. You already have a loyal customer base and the introduction of new services can garner a lot of excitement to driving more business. Once clients start using your mobile services and have great experiences, capture their experience with testimonials to help grow new business. Word of mouth is still the most trusted and effective form of marketing, so your current customer base is a cost-efficient and surefire method of successfully spreading the word of your new mobile laser services.

Become unchained from your physical facility! Leveraging mobile laser technology is the first step to starting your mobile laser spa services. Revitalize your business with this exciting new opportunity. Expand your current services, increase your potential revenue and stay highly competitive within the perpetually demanding medical spa market.

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