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Photorejuvenation With Skin Tightening, Using Neo®

Photorejuvenation With Skin Tightening, Using Neo®

Photorejuvenation can be a very profitable aesthetic procedure for the laser practitioner, providing improvements in tone and texture to facial skin without the healing time required by more aggressive procedures. The Neo is an ideal laser for this procedure as it simultaneously provides a most welcome dividend to the patient – skin tightening.

The 1064nm laser wavelength is ideal for photorejuvenation, delivering energy to the deeper tissue for collagen remodeling while also diminishing vascular and pigmented blemishes closer to the surface. But the key to the clinical efficacy of Neo is it’s MicroPulse-1064TM technology – providing a very high power pulse within a safe pulse duration.

“The Neo uses its pulse energy profile advantageously. It is the rationale for pain-free performance in all applications, and has the added valuable effect of rapid collagen remodeling,” said Mark Nestor, MD, Ph.D., a clinical associate professor of dermatologic surgery at the University of Miami School of Medicine in Florida.

“We use LightPod lasers for many applications, but the most rewarding procedure for the patients and the practice is photorejuvenation,” said Aletha Tippett, MD, a family physician in Blue Ash, OH. “Our patients normally experience a natural skin tightening effect that begins following the first treatment. Patient satisfaction is very high.”

Because of the safe pulse duration of the Neo, it can be used on ethnic skin with an unusually high therapeutic margin – minimizing the risk of any pigmentary changes and removing pain from the equation. James Gordon, MD of White Plains, NY, an oculoplastic surgeon, recently used the Neo to perform photorejuvenation on a well-known Asian- American patient named Audrey Quock. After several treatment sessions, Ms. Quock – who is an actress that has appeared in two major motion pictures, as well as in the annual swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated magazine – met with a familiar movie producer shortly after the treatment. “He said she looked great and asked what she had been doing to improve her complexion,” recalled Dr. Gordon. “When she told him that it was the result of the laser treatment, the producer immediately contacted me to be treated himself. Thanks to the combination of effectiveness and safety margin of the Neo, I feel comfortable and confident treating a range of skin types including ethnic skin. The laser nicely rounds out my offering of facial rejuvenation, which includes the Era laser that I use for skin resurfacing.”

Some practitioners who initially purchased the Neo to be used primarily for other treatments, have been pleased with its versatility and particularly for photorejuvenation.“When I purchased my Neo, the primary intended use was for hair removal and vascular lesions,” said Suzanne Rosenberg, DO, who practices in Woodmere, NY.

“I am now using it to treat acne and rosacea, and the application I enjoy the most is photorejuvenation. The procedure is quick and easy, with no gel or anesthesia and no skin contact at all, so it’s very sanitary as well. The laser does a nice job of improving skin tone and texture with an added effect of tightening.”

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