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Neo Facial at Lumiere Dermatology | New Delhi, India

Neo Facial at Lumiere Dermatology | New Delhi, India

From Better Homes and Gardens India with Dr. Kiran Lohia, Dermatologist

I have had skin problems for years. Having extra sensitive skin that burns even at a hint of sunlight (yes, during fogs too!). I have been plagued with deep pigmentation and frequent breakouts for long. The sad reality is that I do take care of my skin. Everyday CTM with high-end products, rigorous cleaning of makeup, and regular facials, but nothing would help when even a little bit of extra sweat would result in breakouts. Add to that, recently I was diagnosed with a skin virus that could only be treated using a laser. So when I got a chance to meet Dr. Kiran Lohia at Lumiere Dermatology, I grabbed it as a lifeline. She checked my skin, smiled, and said, “We have the perfect treatment for you. Neo Facial will give you an instant glow and the glow will stay for at least 6 weeks. Plus, there won’t be any side effects, and yes, your sensitive skin will be happy.” I was, of course, convinced and quickly took a ‘before’ selfie. Available exclusively at Lumiere Dermatology in India, this laser facial is painless (you will get a warm molten liquidy feeling but it’s not discomforting) and doesn’t have any downtime. You can walk out after the treatment. Also, this is the only laser facial in the world that can tackle multiple skin problems at once without any risk. For example, it can simultaneously treat acne while erasing marks, scars, broken blood vessels, rosacea, and the signs of aging. And, it is ideal for that pre-party glow while also acting as a natural anti-aging therapy with its fabulous collagen boost. The therapist spent about 15 minutes with the laser, after which she did microdermabrasion, that is exfoliating the dead skin using a roller gadget. When I touched my face, it was baby soft! Lastly, she applied a mask to hydrate the skin. My skin looked and felt so good already when Kiran revealed: “It will look better in a week.” Skipping with joy, I faced the sun, under the cover of a SPF 40 sunscreen (the only tool that I required to maintain my baby skin). The laser facial can be done monthly to rejuvenate, brighten and maintain the skin, or you can do it in a course of 6-10 sessions. Will I be going back? Yes, milady!

—Nandini Banerjee

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