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Manhattan Aesthetics is Now an Aerolase Center of Excellence (ACE)

Manhattan Aesthetics is Now an Aerolase Center of Excellence (ACE)

Aerolase and Manhattan Aesthetics, New York’s premier destination for skin, face, and body treatments in Manhattan, are pleased to announce a collaboration. Manhattan Aesthetics is deploying Aerolase lasers in its centers for a variety of treatments, and Aerolase is designating Manhattan Aesthetics an Aerolase Center of Excellence, working together to augment and enhance its body of clinical case research in deploying the breakthrough 650 Microsecond Technology® of the Aerolase Neo laser system to focus primarily on acne, rosacea, spider veins, and skin rejuvenation treatments​.

“We were seeking an effective light-based therapy for active acne, which would also be safe and effective on both fair, light, and dark skin at a more affordable price,” said Dr. Morris. “Aerolase has developed a unique technology which meets those needs very well, based on my own research into the clinical performance of the Aerolase Neo. We are pleased to deploy the versatile Neo at Manhattan Aesthetics for acne laser treatments as well as for other applications including vascular and skin rejuvenation.”

Manhattan Aesthetics was founded to provide our New York friends and neighbors with the highest caliber of aesthetic treatments. We have redefined the conventional approach to anti-aging and skin health; carefully vetting the most advanced technologies and pairing with our own proprietary protocols. Manhattan Aesthetics is rapidly becoming respected as an industry leader, delivering safer and more effective treatments.

Aerolase is the developer and sole provider of high-power portable dermatology lasers for aesthetic and medical applications. The company has sold lasers in 32 countries achieving a dominant market share in some countries and regions. Aerolase was ranked as the #1 Hair Removal Laser for 2016 and 2017, and in the “Top 10 Laser Companies” for 2015, 2016, and 2017, by Dermascope/Aesthetic International Association and by the memberships of Aesthetic Everything™, respectively. In the summer of 2016, Aerolase was put on display in the Nestlé Skin Health SHIELD Global Innovation Center in New York City.

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