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Lasers or Injectables – Which Should I Add First?

Lasers or Injectables – Which Should I Add First?

This is a commonly asked question among aesthetic practitioners. Here are 5 reasons – economic and otherwise – for implementing Neo laser services as the top priority, if you haven’t introduced injectables yet in your practice.


Revenue potential is much higher with Neo vs. injectables (injectables only address fine lines, wrinkles and volume, but Neo addresses a variety of conditions prevalent in a much higher percent of the patient base). Neo also generates higher revenue per treatment per patient, and the injectable market today is under much more competition and price erosion.


Injectables only have about a 50% gross profit margin, but Neo has more than 90% gross profit margin.

Note: as a simple example to illustrate, when you treat just 2 people per workday (or 40 per month).

Injectables:      treatment revenues = $15,000, gross profit is $7,500 per month

Neo: treatment revenues = $15,000, gross profit is $13,400 per month


Laser is easier and more forgiving of a deviation from treatment protocol, compared to injectables which is clearly more of an art and requires an “aesthetic eye,” is less risk of dissatisfied patients and is more practical to delegate treatments even to aestheticians with the Neo vs. injectables.


Botox & fillers are increasingly becoming a commodity where everyone has the same materials. But with Neo, there is a combination of efficacy, safety, and treatment comfort that other practices do not offer.


Aerolase has a reputation for very high customer support and customer satisfaction. Although the corporations selling injectables are much larger, we believe that Aerolase provides a more intimate and complete ongoing support.

Meanwhile if you currently offer injectables, the Neo can enhance your practice in many ways including prevention or resolution of bruises, dealing with dark circles under the eyes and other highly complementary ways.

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