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LASER & PEEL FUSION: Unleashing The Power of Combination Therapies

LASER & PEEL FUSION: Unleashing The Power of Combination Therapies

Aerolase Neo Elite laser and VI PEEL

The future of skincare lies in personalized treatments that carry the potential for transformative benefits. From our latest webinar, led by VI Peel CEO, Marya Khalil, and Aerolase marketing director, Sean Johnson and hosted by prominent dermatologists Dr. Corey Hartman and Dr. Wendy E. Roberts, an exciting area of focus was introduced – the combination of laser technology and chemical peels – specifically highlighting the Neo Elite by Aerolase and VI Peel.

Combining Lasers with Chemical Peels

Dr. Hartman and Dr. Roberts revealed the beauty behind combining multiple skincare modalities, emphasizing the improved results patients can achieve. Laser technology, paired with chemical peels, allows dermatologists to tailor treatment plans that effectively address individual skin conditions. From acne and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) to deep-set pigmentation, the combination of Neo Elite and VI Peel treatments has shown significant improvement compared to a singular therapy. Patients undergoing dual therapies have shown quicker recovery times and improved, longer-lasting results. The webinar underscored the challenge of treating skin of color and the importance of color-blind procedures that cater inclusively to all skin tones.

Hyperpigmentation/dermatosis Treatment with Neo Elite & VI Peel
Photos Courtesy of Alexis Stephens, MD

Neo Elite by Aerolase: The Game-Changing Laser

A central highlight of the webinar — Neo Elite by Aerolase — takes the lead in targeting acne and pigmentary disorders. The Neo Elite targets melasma in a three-step approach: suppressing melanosome production, coagulating vascularity, and fragmenting melanin within hyperactive melanocytes. The significance of the Neo Elite‘s ability to deliver these steps safely and effectively marks it as a groundbreaking advancement in aesthetic medicine.

Acne, Acne Scarring & PIH Treatment with VI Peel
Photos Courtesy of VI Peel

VI Peel: Achieving Favorable Outcomes

VI Peel earned praise from Dr. Hartman for its remarkable ability to safely target the cutaneous ablation of keratinocytes, creating controlled damage for preferable results. He emphasized the vitality of managing inflammation while treating various skin conditions and how VI Peel plays an essential role. The controlled and predicted disruption is the difference between excellent and horrible outcomes.

Packaging the Treatments: Setting Expectations for Success

The panelists focused on packaging treatments and setting expectations upfront with patients. Traditional therapies and practices were limited by the linear approach. Combining the two modalities allows you to target multiple factors comprehensively due to the different mechanisms of action. By offering a cohesive treatment plan rather than individual sessions, practitioners provide holistic solutions that improve patient compliance, enhancing the result. The webinar highlighted numerous case studies, underscoring the success of combination therapies. One patient suffering from both acne and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) underwent a series of Neo Elite and VI Peel treatments. The result was a significant improvement in their skin condition and newfound self-confidence.

Acne and PIH Treatment with Neo Elite & VI Peel
Photos Courtesy of Alexis Stephens, MD

Exploring the new frontier—where lasers meet peels—represents more than innovative medical aesthetic procedures. It’s about advancing patient satisfaction and building confidence. It’s about honoring the diversity of skin types and acknowledging unique individual needs. And in doing so, stepping towards the future where skincare is more than skin deep.

Acne and PIH Treatment with Neo Elite, VI Peel Body & Cicalfate+
Photos Courtesy of Skin Boss MedSpa

In conclusion, as the industry moves forward, innovation in combining technologies like Aerolase lasers and VI chemical peel becomes priceless, pushing the boundaries of effective skin therapies. In uniting these, practitioners unlock enhanced power, offering transformative treatments that revolutionize the skincare world.

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