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Laser, Filler, Botox, Repeat

Laser, Filler, Botox, Repeat

Providing patients with optimal results for facial rejuvenation requires a multistep technique that cannot be completed with a single treatment alone. Lasers, toxins, and fillers deliver a complementary approach to restoring a patient’s youthful facial appearance:

  • Botox relaxes facial muscles for a smoother skin appearance
  • Dermal fillers replace and reshape lost facial volume, while reducing the appearance of wrinkles
  • Laser improves the overall skin quality by addressing a number of dermal and epidermal concerns

By targeting each of these areas of concern, the sum of all three treatment methods can provide profound results – and quickly.

Advancements in laser technology, when combined with innovations in injectable solutions and technique, now allow for immediate, dramatic results. By eliminating the need to space each treatment over a course of office visits, patients can now receive an entire treatment course within a single session, while also reducing downtime and risk of post-procedure bruising or swelling. Not only does this save a significant amount of time for the practitioner, but also satisfies the patient’s ever-growing demand for immediate results and gratification.

This new, advanced treatment is made possible with Aerolase 650 Microsecond Technology®. The laser treatment strongly complements and even enhances injectables in the following manner (click on each clinical article to read the full text):

Prophylaxis: pre-treating the skin by performing a Neo skin rejuvenation procedure before injecting toxins or fillers reduces the level of bruising or swelling that commonly occurs from injections. Read more with this white paper by Yelena Kipervas, DO –

Combining Injectables with Laser Skin Rejuvenation in a Single Treatment Session

Bruise Resolution: injections carry a risk of bruising even when performed by the most qualified injector. The Neo can rapidly accelerate the resolution of bruises due to its high hemoglobin absorption and gentle parameters. Read more with this clinical case from Michael Gold, MD –

Resolving Post-Injectable Bruising with 650-microsecond Laser Technology

Neocollagenesis & Spot Treatment: the Neo stimulates collagen in the papillary dermis to complement the effects of botox and dermal fillers. It further tightens the skin to improve tone and texture, while also reducing pore size. In addition, the Neo is highly effective in treating acute conditions such as veins and capillaries, acne lesions, pigmented spots, and unwanted hairs. Read more with this white paper by Lori Schaen, MD –

Skin Tightening & Non-Ablative Skin Rejuvenation Using a Novel 650-microsecond Pulsed Nd:YAG 1064nm Laser

Complete facial rejuvenation requires considerable artistry and the correct combination of laser, toxins and dermal fillers to meet each patient’s individual needs. The Neo® 650-microsecond laser is frequently used in combination with toxins and fillers due to the aforementioned benefits. And, unlike other lasers or devices that can be harsh on the skin and induce swelling – compromising treatment results – the Neo allows multiple procedures to be performed with unmatched results in a single visit because of its advanced beam profile’s capabilities. To learn more about enhancing your facial rejuvenation procedures by combining the Neo with toxins and fillers, contact Aerolase today.

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