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Harnessing the Exci308 to Restore Pigmentation & Revolutionize Autoimmune Skin Care

Harnessing the Exci308 to Restore Pigmentation & Revolutionize Autoimmune Skin Care

Exci308 by Aerolase Restore Pigmentation Autoimmune Skin Care

In a recent discussion, acclaimed dermatologist, Cheryl Burgess, MD, spoke about using the Exci308, an innovative excimer device from Aerolase. Intertwining her knowledge of dermatology, Dr. Burgess intricately described how the rapidly advancing technology from Aerolase is charting a fresh path in safe and effective treatment options for autoimmune skin conditions.

Emphasizing the Exci308’s application in medical dermatology, Dr. Burgess shared her exciting perspective on the product’s potency. Notably, the Exci308 emits a narrow band of 308-nanometer UVB light, a cutting-edge adaptation of phototherapy that has rapidly gained traction in the industry. The therapeutic promise that the Exci308 offers in conditions such as vitiligo and psoriasis is promising, especially due to the device’s proven efficacy in reducing T cells. According to Dr. Burgess, this device stimulates melanocytes to produce pigments, reduces T-cell activity, and decreases inflammation, all crucial in managing autoimmune skin conditions.

Photos Courtesy of Cheryl M. Burgess, MD, FAAD

Aerolase’s Exci308’s cost-effectiveness has redefined the acceptability of energy-based devices. Not requiring revenue sharing or consumables further accentuates the appeal of the device, along with the ability to treat all skin types safely, enables practitioners to offer a reliable treatment option. Applying the Exci308 in combination with other therapies has shown more efficacious results, exemplified in a series of before-and-after images provided by Dr. Burgess throughout the presentation. Dr. Burgess accentuated that the benefits of Exci308 phototherapy can be reaped safely in children, adding an essential aspect of its acceptability in treating a broad spectrum of patients.

Besides the superior therapy efficiency, she also elaborated on the practical side of treatment and its workflow. Understanding the therapeutic potential of the 308-nanometer device, she commended on its quick application time of just three seconds, thereby providing doctors an efficient tool to treat vitiligo.

She brought attention to the criticality of applying dynamic therapies rather than waiting for results from one before initiating another. Practical aspects like CPT codes and ICD 10 codes for billing and Medicare payments, demonstrating her comprehensive understanding of the entire patient journey.

In light of the increased patient awareness sparked by direct-to-consumer advertising, she acknowledged the heightened familiarity with autoimmune conditions like vitiligo and alopecia. Concluding the discussion, Dr. Burgess endorsed light therapy as a premier treatment option for dermatologists, especially for its amazing results in relieving itching, a troubling symptom of various autoimmune skin conditions. Harnessing the power of Exci308 excites a new dawn in autoimmune skin care – a dawn that promises relief and restoration to the many individuals battling these conditions. Through Aerolase’s advanced technology, energy-based devices like the Exci308 wield the potential to redefine the horizon of medical dermatology, offering newer, safer, and more effective treatment options.

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