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Building a Mobile Aesthetic Practice with a Portable, Powerful, Profitable 650-Microsecond Laser

Building a Mobile Aesthetic Practice with a Portable, Powerful, Profitable 650-Microsecond Laser

There has been a rapidly growing trend of both Physicians and Spa Owners seeking to provide aesthetic laser services to their clients.  This presents a great opportunity for Aesthetic Nurses to offer the treatments, since most Physicians and Spa Owners may not have the necessary skills, time, or ability to financially invest in the laser equipment.

As an Aesthetic Nurse providing mobile skincare services including injectables and chemical peels, I came across a Medspa expressing interest in the Neo from Aerolase. They were not in a position to make the financial investment in the laser, but wanted to offer the many laser treatments available with the Neo. Before I had heard about the Neo laser, I was accustomed to the large stationary and expensive lasers that have been common in the industry. Due to those two characteristics of those conventional lasers, I could not consider purchasing one for my multi-office aesthetics business.   I was very concerned about the cost and reliability of the stationary lasers, averaging in the $150,000 range plus exorbitant additional expenses for maintenance, consumables, and service contracts.

I was amazed to hear about the new patented technology that Aerolase developed, which created an aesthetic laser that was literally portable. At just 22 pounds, the LightPod laser can easily be moved among clinical locations in the back seat of a small car. Also, the machine does not have any warmup time and it can be plugged into any standard electrical outlet, so treatments can be performed in any treatment room.  And because the LightPod lasers utilize air-cooled technology, there are no water circulating or fiber optic subsystems which are the main cause of service and repair troubles in the larger laser devices. In my first 3 years of owning a Neo, I have only had a single service event; by comparison, I know that the larger water-cooled lasers need service a minimum of twice annually and they contain many more parts that can break down. Furthermore, with Aerolase the only consumable is a small handpiece filter and those cost only $4 each, and I replace them about once or twice a month.

The portability of the Neo enabled me to add a multitude of laser treatments to my business model.  Along with my Medical Director, I practice at two spas where I combine laser treatments with neurotoxins, fillers and chemical peels. And having the ability to offer laser in both offices, instead of one, has generated substantially more revenue.

Another major advantage of the Neo, as compared to other lasers, is the broad range of patients and conditions that I can safely and effectively treat. The Neo is a 1064 YAG laser but it operates with  650 Microsecond Technology®, which means that I can treat all skin types all year round, even tanned skin during the summer. The treatments are so uniquely gentle that there is no need at all for skin-cooling gels, sprays, or numbing agents and I can treat much older patients.  It is amazingly safe and effective even on the darkest skin types. So I never have to turn anyone away due to skin tone. Plus, the laser is effective in a very wide range of applications including skin rejuvenation with tightening, spider veins, rosacea, acne, hair removal, hyperpigmentation or melasma, and scar revision to name a few.  The Neo is truly the least painful laser I’ve ever experienced while still delivering measurable results. In addition, the Neo enhances my injectables practice by helping to minimize bruising or swelling through pretreatment of the face, and by helping to accelerate the resolution of bruises that sometimes appear post-injection.

I am quite pleased with my investment in the Neo laser from Aerolase. Not only did it fit into my multi-office business model of providing aesthetic laser services, but it also generated high levels of patient satisfaction and increased revenue. The Neo is the only laser device out there that is more affordable to purchase so you can recoup your investment quickly. Therefore, with this unique set of advantages, the Neo will appeal widely to the growing ranks of nurses seeking new business models with multi-location aesthetic services for patients of all skin types.

Leisa Brewer RN, BSN, Founder and CEO of Rejuvisage

About Leisa

Prior to establishing Rejuvisage in 2002, Ms. Brewer servied as Director of the Cosmetic Laser Center in Washington, DC. From 1996 to 2001, Ms. Brewer served as Director of the Dermal Care Clinic in Alexandria, VA where non-surgical aesthetic procedures were provided. From 1989 to 1996, Ms. Brewer was Operating Room Supervisor and Materials Manager at BelAge Plastic Surgery Center. An independent consultant since 1998, Ms. Brewer provides training for physicians and nurses regarding non-surgical aesthetic procedures.

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