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Aesthetic Laser Spotlight: Boosting Your Practice’s Success With Aerolase’s Era Laser

Aesthetic Laser Spotlight: Boosting Your Practice’s Success With Aerolase’s Era Laser

If you currently run a dermatology practice or cosmetic treatment clinic, it’s time to ask yourself: what are you doing to prepare for 2015? With 2014 ending, now is the ideal time to consider what strategies and investments you need to make for your practice to succeed in the New Year. So to help you launch your practice into 2015, we’re shining a spotlight on the latest growing trends in skincare and offering you a way to meet those demands.

A New Demand For The Aesthetic Laser

Dermatologists and other skincare professionals will be pleased to hear that more potential clients than ever before are looking for ways to treat a range of skin conditions and issues. The latest available data shows that the number of patients looking for cosmetic skin treatment options has definitely increased; in fact, while both injections and filler procedures saw an increase in demand, the number of aesthetic laser, light or other energy-based procedures increased the most.

This jump in demand is due to a range of reasons:

  • Modern-day aesthetic laser technology offers more flexibility in treatment options than earlier technology; better control and targeting in new laser models have resulted in medical lasers that can target more than one or two skin issues and treat patients of color. This has contributed to the increase in demand for medical laser treatments.
  • Since only a beam of energy touches a patient’s’ skin during these treatments, medical lasers are a non-invasive treatment option; the fact that modern day medical lasers offer people a way to address flaws in their skin with non-surgical skin care treatments appeals to potential patients.
  • The chances of scarring, uneven pigmentation and burns due to modern day medical laser treatments treatment are minimal – a perk that no potential patient can ignore!

For dermatology practices and cosmetic treatment centers, tapping into this demand is a great way to try and increase business in the coming year. If you’re one of the individuals looking for ways to capitalize on this interest in services, we recommend going a step beyond improving your marketing and networking capabilities. In other words, don’t just invest externally in the community – invest internally by purchasing a modern aesthetic laser that will take your practice’s capabilities to the next level.

Medical Laser Spotlight: The Era

We recommend a tool like the Era for most practices looking to update their aesthetic laser technology. This 2940-nm aesthetic laser is appropriate for various dermatology and cosmetic treatment centers and can treat multiple skin issues. The technology behind the Era is high precision and fluence and is all based on a gentle 300-microsecond pulse duration. The final result? The Era can effectively and gently treat specific and general areas with minimal side effects.

The Era Medical Laser Treatment Options

The Era is designed to handle multiple types of skin conditions. By investing in this modern medical laser, your practice will be able to offer the following treatments:

  • Gentle skin resurfacing (targeted or via a full face laser treatment)
  • Laser peels
  • Eradication of wrinkles (periocular fine lines, crow’s feet, smoke wrinkles), scar resurfacing (acne scars, burn or surgical scars), sun damage, and age spots
  • Resurfacing combined with blepharoplasty
  • Cutaneous lesion removal

The Era Medical Laser And Your Clients

No matter which conditions the Era addresses, its treatments are quick, safe, and non-invasive. Even better, a patient’s skin can cool between pulses due to the Era’s precise control and gentle 300-microsecond pulse duration. As a result, the Era can treat patients without disrupting the epidermis in their skin; this minimizes the chances of patients experiencing problems with pigmentation and discomfort during or after treatments. A patient’s discomfort is easily alleviated with a standard topical anesthetic, and recovery times are often fast.

The Era Medical Laser And Your Practice

In addition to offering a an easy, nearly painless experience to patients, the Era offers a high return-on-investment for the practitioner due to:

  • Its unique ability to deliver profound skin rejuvenation in as little as one or two minimally invasive treatments
  • Its exceptional treatment versatility and portability
  • A lack of costly consumables or maintenance, as well as a lack of additional parts (such as cooling units)
  • Its sophisticated energy parameters, designed for precision ablation and minimized downtime

Thanks to these key features, the LightPod is a money-saving, time saving, and space saving investment for skin care professionals.

Looking Forward To 2015

As highlighted by research and our examples, investing in modern day technology is a great way to boost your practice’s capabilities and to draw in new clients. The Era is only one of several Aerolase medical lasers designed specifically to help make dermatology and skin care practitioners’ jobs a little easier. Whichever Aerolase product you choose, we’re sure that you’ll like what you see after you join our family.

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