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Advancing Aesthetic and Dermatological Care with Aerolase Era Elite®

Advancing Aesthetic and Dermatological Care with Aerolase Era Elite®

The Aerolase Era Elite® is marking a significant shift in the aesthetics industry, particularly in the treatment of damaged and aging skin across all skin types, without compromising on efficacy. This innovative device leverages a 2940nm laser, delivering high fluence in a short, gentle 300-microsecond pulse duration. It stands out for its ability to address a comprehensive range of skin concerns—ranging from wrinkles, fine lines, sun damage, age spots, enlarged pores, and freckles, to various types of scars, including acne scars and traumatic scars—with precision and control​​.

Scar Reduction
Photos Courtesy of Dr. William Watfa

One of the most compelling aspects of the Era Elite is its ability to deliver profound results in just one skin resurfacing procedure. This is achieved through its erbium laser energy, optimized for efficient, uniform skin ablation without causing thermal damage to surrounding tissue. Such a capability is significant as it offers an alternative to traditional modalities like long-pulsed CO2 and erbium lasers, non-ablative laser therapy, and chemical peels, which either fall short of providing immediate results or pose risks of side effects​.

The device’s versatility is further highlighted by its capacity for both superficial laser peels and deep, gentle resurfacing. This flexibility caters to a broad spectrum of patient needs, from those seeking minimal downtime to those desiring ‘instant gratification’ with immediate, visible improvements. The Era Elite® thus empowers practitioners with the ability to tailor treatments to individual patient needs, promoting both corrective and preventive care for aging skin​​.

Acne Scars
Photos Courtesy of Dr. William Watfa

From a clinical standpoint, the Era Elite® is acclaimed for its portability, effectiveness, and minimal requirement for patient recovery time. Such characteristics make it a valuable addition to dermatologists’ and aesthetic practitioners’ arsenals, allowing for enhanced patient satisfaction and outcomes. The device’s design, devoid of per-treatment costs or consumables, further positions it as a cost-effective solution for practices​.

“We’re doing ablative treatments earlier for patients to prevent aging in the future. After the Era treatment, patients commonly refer to the treatment as a magic eraser because it takes away the visible signs of aging the patient notices, plus brown spots that are not adequately treated with a lighter treatment such as intense pulsed light or chemical peels.

—James Newman, MD

Aerolase’s Era Elite is not just an innovative medical laser; it’s a beacon for the future direction of the aesthetic field. Its comprehensive treatment capabilities, combined with minimal recovery time, position it as a frontrunner in skin rejuvenation solutions. As the device garners attention for its unmatched efficacy and patient satisfaction, it’s clear that the Era Elite® is reshaping the landscape of aesthetic treatments.

Furthermore, the Era Elite’s success underscores the growing importance of customizable, patient-centric approaches in aesthetic medicine. This trend towards personalization is expected to continue, with technologies like the Era Elite leading the charge. The device’s impact extends beyond immediate treatment outcomes, influencing patient expectations and the overall service model in dermatology and aesthetic practices.

Aerolase’s Era Elite® represents a leap forward in aesthetic medicine, providing a comprehensive, customizable, and efficient treatment solution for aging and damaged skin. Its ability to deliver profound results with minimal downtime transforms patient experiences and outcomes in skin rejuvenation, reinforcing its standing as a breakthrough technology in the field​​.

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