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Aerolase Medical Lasers: Choosing The Best Tool For Your Practice

Aerolase Medical Lasers: Choosing The Best Tool For Your Practice

Anyone working in the world of medicine knows that new treatments and technology can be introduced to the field at any time. For those operating a private practice, it can be difficult to determine when these updates are a worthy investment, or if not a necessity to continue to offer the experiences and treatments patients expect.

Our staff believes that one piece of equipment that is absolutely worth an upgrade in 2023 is a dermatology medical laser. In the past, patients and doctors disregarded medical lasers as a notoriously unreliable treatment method for a number of skin conditions. Today, modern technology has allowed companies like Aerolase to create devices that provide new levels of clinical efficacy, safety, versatility, practical utility, and cost-effectiveness to a range of practitioners and care centers.

About Aerolase’s Medical Lasers

Aerolase specializes in laser design which dually benefits both patients and the practices that rely on the devices for their skin care. Aerolase products are multi-use lasers & energy-based devices that can be used for a wide variety of treatments. The treatments include permanent hair reduction, skin rejuvenation, skin resurfacing, scar reduction, scar revision, removal of veins and pigmented lesions, clearance of acne and rosacea, debridement of decubitus ulcers, podiatry applications…and many more.

Each Aerolase laser uses high-powered 650-microsecond pulse technology that allows them to generate the highest power output in an optimized and uniquely gentle 650-microsecond pulse duration. By design, Aerolase devices utilize this technology to deliver laser energy deep into targeted tissues while avoiding an over-absorption of energy surrounding the epidermal melanin. Our lasers are able to target problem areas in a patient’s skin with pulses of powerful but gently administered energy.

As a result, Aerolase lasers can deliver low-pain treatments that carry a minimal risk of side effects such as overheating or pigmentary changes. In addition, the hand-piece of a LightPod Elite laser does not come in contact with the skin tissue, which allows for a uniquely sanitary treatment experience for the patient.

By design, Aerolase lasers are also entirely portable, and allow practices to offer more versatile treatment options.

This unique combination of clinical and ergonomic advantages results in a high level of satisfaction of Aerolase customers.

Choosing An Aerolase Medical Laser

Currently Aerolase has five different medical devices available for use at practices and even skin care spas: Neo Elite, Era Elite, Neo V, Reverse by Aerolase, and Exci308

Though each laser is versatile by nature, they also each have their own unique strengths to consider when deciding which one may fit in the best at your practice. Some, for example, are better at treating facial regions, while others are particularly recommended for targeting issues affecting the feet or ankles.

To determine which Aerolase laser is a solid fit for your practice, we recommend taking time to consider which sorts of services you would like to offer to your clients. In the past, some of our most successful customers have created a list that prioritizes the importance of the treatments and services you offer, and which needs are unmet. From there, you can begin to narrow down which lasers are most likely to benefit your practice and your patients.

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