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Aerolase Goes Wherever Your Practice Goes

Aerolase Goes Wherever Your Practice Goes

Gone are the days when every dermatologist operated out of a single office. Now, many practitioners see patients at multiple locations, be it at a different office in the same building, or even on the other side of the country.

Working from multiple locations can be a challenge, but the benefits are clear, and include: access to a larger base of patients, the ability to use resources at different medical institutions, and the opportunity to treat a more diverse range of conditions. And combined, these points can all help dermatologists expand their practice, clinically and financially.

“Bye” to Bulk

Before our LightPod laser rejuvenation platform came along, the prior generation of laser technology was hardly very portable. Often, old school lasers were fragile, heavy, cumbersome, and high maintenance, particularly due to the fact that they were made up of multiple parts, including an internal water cooling system.

The modern Aerolase platform, on the other hand, features an air-cooling system instead of a heavy water cooling system, which has helped our designers create a highly mobile laser that weighs 22-pounds. This lighter design opens up tons of portability opportunities that would be impossible with older systems. You transport Aerolase products in the back seat of a car, in an elevator, or even as carry-on luggage on an airplane. And no matter where you take the system, it’ll be usable, as it can utilize any 115V electrical outlet in even the smallest treatment rooms — with only a 10 second “warm up” phase.

With a portable laser rejuvenation system like Neo, your practice can save money on extra systems, as well as reduce the logistical overhead involved in scheduling service calls far in advance. Your system can be wherever it needs to be, even on short notice – and that’s great for your practice!

The Meaning of Mobility

The mobility of the Neo system has numerous applications for dermatology and medical aesthetics practices of all sizes. Here are some more reasons why your practice might be better off choosing the more portable Aerolase option, based on how actual practitioners use it:

  • Fewer breakdowns: Bulkier systems are more prone to accidents during transportation due to their weight and shape. Neo, however, is lightweight and much easier to wield. One practitioner moved the system around her three offices for 7 years, only needing one service call during those 7 years!
  • No water maintenance: Unlike traditional laser devices, cooling occurs via a small fan rather than a large water circulation system. Ideal for small offices and satellite offices without the support staff available to manage its water needs, practice managers won’t have to worry about the system’s water needs.
  • Be where your patients are: Whether you have a larger practice with multiple satellite offices or have recently added house calls to your services, Neo offers the perfect balance of portability, speed, and effectiveness, and allows you meet to meet patients on their schedule – allowing you to bring in the extra revenue you need to succeed.

Is there a portability application of Neo that your practice uses, but we didn’t mention it? Share it with us on Facebook or Twitter! Or, if you have questions about its mobility or other function, you can contact our team on the Web.

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