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3 Ways Aerolase Has Improved Medical Laser Technology

3 Ways Aerolase Has Improved Medical Laser Technology

If you work in the medical industry, then you understand better than most that technological advances aren’t just for computers, cell phones and other basic electronics. This is especially true for medical professionals, who rely on the right technological tools to make daily operations quick, painless and successful.

Just consider the medical lasers used for dermatology and aesthetic applications, which are a great example of how changes over time have led to a much more efficient technological tool for the medical community. Modern day medical lasers got their start during the 1990s. Though this time period did begin to mark a number of technological improvements both industrially and personally, many technologies remained bulky and cumbersome throughout the decade. Medical lasers were no exception: they were large, intricate and complicated to use, particularly because they relied on three intertwined systems to function:

  • A power deck for electricity
  • A water circulating system to keep everything cool
  • An optical cable system that transmitted light to a handbeam

In response to the problems and frustrations these old lasers were creating in multiple medical practices, Aerolase set out to develop new advanced laser technologies for dermatology and aesthetic applications. Ultimately we did a complete technological overhaul, in which we made three key changes that have resulted in a much better product for medical professionals:

1. We made our lasers smaller. The medical lasers of the 1990s were unnecessarily over-designed, which meant that they were so large and bulky that their size interfered with their ability to help doctors carry out laser treatments. However, we’ve made Aerolase’s products 100% portable, which will make things easier for the medical professionals who may work in smaller areas.

2. We removed the most common malfunction sources in old medical lasers. Old medical lasers were plagued with breakdowns and constantly needed to be repaired. The water system in particular caused problems since the system often leaked, created condensation throughout the entire laser, and even froze if it was transported incorrectly in cold temperatures. In addition to removing this problematic system, Aerolase also removed the extending optical cable system, which was easily jostled and therefore often misaligned. The result? You spend more time with your patients and less time (and money!) on repairing a faulty medical laser.

3. We made Aerolase’s medical lasers as hassle free as possible. A good medical laser does more than get the job done – it also makes the day to day job of medical professionals much easier. That’s why we carefully designed Aerolase to work quickly and efficiently in a range of spaces. To learn more about Aerolase’s design improvements over other medical lasers, we invite you to watch our YouTube video, which goes into more detail about each of the points we’ve discussed so far:

As a result of our clinical research and development, our laser engineering team now exclusively produces medical lasers that deliver a superior combination of efficacy and safety in therapeutic treatment. Remember – when you use Aerolase, you’re not just helping yourself: you’re helping your patients, too.

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