New: Innovative Rosacea Treatment Strategies

Partial-Face Laser Resurfacing with a 300-microsecond Pulsed Er:YAG 2940nm Laser

Allen D. Rosen, MD, Plastic Surgery, Montclair, NJ

This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of 300 microsecond pulsed Er:YAG 2940nm laser resurfacing on periocular lines, treated as a functional unit based on static and dynamic rhytid anatomy as opposed to standard cosmetic anatomic landmarks. Over a three year period of time, 14 female patients, with Fitzpatrick skin type II-III were treated with Erbium laser resurfacing to the periocular area based on a pattern consistent with their static and dynamic “crow’s feet” lines versus standard anatomic units. Improvement in periocular rhytids was achieved efficiently using Erbium laser resurfacing based on functional landmarks without the need to treat adjacent uninvolved areas within the aesthetic unit based on anatomical landmarks alone.

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