Long-Term Hair Removal with a Novel 0.65msec Nd:YAG Laser

David J. Friedman, MD, Dermatology, New York, NY & Jerusalem, Israel

A study was conducted in 2006/2007 to evaluate a pulsed Nd:YAG 1064nm laser for long-term laser hair removal. Unlike conventional lasers and light-based devices in the field, the laser in this evaluation utilizes a unique 0.65 millisecond pulse duration with no skin cooling, gels or anesthetics. Ten female subjects and one male subject with Fitzpatrick Skin Types II through VI were treated and the long-term results indicated >75% clearance in the majority of cases; those treated 5 to 7 times reported 82% clearance on average and as high as 93%. These assessments were made, on average, 8.3 months after the subjects’ final treatment session.

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