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Laser Treatment of Vascular Lesions

David J. Goldberg & Susan Bard, Dermatology, New York, NY

Aesthetic Dermatology Vol. 1, Karger 2014.

The Nd:YAG laser, with it’s 1064nm wavelength, is a mainstay for treatment of vascular lesions. What it may sacrifice in absorption by hemoglobin, it makes up for in depth of penetration. The long-pulsed Nd:YAG laser has been the ideal choice for lesions off the face and for thick or deep vascular targets, although newer short-pulsed high-energy (650-microsecond) devices are showing high efficacy and safety on facial vessels as well. Common uses include leg veins, port-wine stains, blue vessels, and venous lakes. The Nd:YAG laser is a versatile wavelength with many possible uses for both pigmented and vascular indications.

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