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Efficacy and Safety of a 0.65 Millisecond Pulsed Portable ND:YAG Laser for Hair Removal

Khalil A. Khatri, Robert A. Lee, Lynne J. Goldberg, Beejul Khatri & Veronica Garcia, Dermatology, USA

Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy, March 2009

Based upon the thermal relaxation time of the hair follicle (10–50 ms), most lasers and light devices use relatively long pulse widths for hair removal. This study was conducted to evaluate a shorter pulsed, 0.65 ms Nd:YAG laser for hair removal. Methods: One half of each axilla of six female participants was treated and the other half was monitored as a control. The treatment sites were treated with a fluence of either 21 J/cm2 or 36 J/cm2 using an Nd:YAG laser with a wavelength of 1064 nm and a pulse duration of 0.65 ms. A manual hair count was done before treatment and at each follow-up visit. Results: Four months after four monthly treatments, the hair reduction was graded as 5 (75–100% reduction) on the high fluence side and 4 on the low fluence side (50–75% reduction) by individuals and investigators. The average hair count 4 months after four treatments in the sites treated with a high fluence went from 114 to 28 (76% reduction) and in the low fluence areas from 135 to 38 (72% reduction). Conclusion: This well-controlled study shows that a 0.65 ms Nd:YAG laser is effective and safe for hair removal.

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