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A Novel 650-microsecond Pulsed Nd:YAG 1064nm Laser for Removal of Pigmented Lesions

Yelena Kipervas, DO, Family Care, Bartonsville, PA

Six females with skin types II-IV and an average age of 64.7 were enrolled for treatment of pigmented lesions due to sun damage on the hands as well as some facial areas including cheek, forehead, nose and upper lip. Subjects had hairs in the treatment areas shaved immediately prior to treatment and all makeup and lotions were removed; one subject had microdermabrasion treatment both before and after the two laser sessions. One subject was treated once and all others were treated two times with the laser, with treatment sessions spaced approximately one month apart. In each session, subjects were treated using one pass at fluences of 21-28 J/cm2 on a 6mm spot size, followed by one pass at fluences of 159-223 J/cm2 on a 2mm spot size. No cooling, gel or lotion was used; moisturizing cream was applied after treatment. A 1064nm Nd:YAG laser, NeoTM (Aerolase, Tarrytown, NY) with a 650μsec pulse was used to perform all treatments. All subjects were asked to rate their satisfaction with the procedure after the final treatment, on a scale of Low, Moderate, High or Very High. Also, these were older patients who exhibited chronic joint and muscle pain in their hands and because they all received treatment on the hands, and since the laser used for the pigmented lesion removal is also known to reduce joint and muscle pain, subjects were asked to rate their level of pain both before and after the course of treatments.

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