New: Innovative Rosacea Treatment Strategies

Wound Healing with a Portable 650μsec 1064nm Laser

Aletha Tippett, MD, Family Care, Cincinnati, OH 

Presented at the 2006 Symposium on Advanced Wound Care


  • Existing ‘cold lasers’ were not very effective
  • A 1064nm laser at low energy may cause or stimulate:
    • Dermofibroblast synthesis of collagen
    • Nitric Oxide production
    • Alteration of cell membrane with release of ions & neurotransmitters
    • Wound healing cascade
    • Destruction of bacteria
  • Neo selected for unique set of benefits
    • 650-microsecond energy mode: lack of pain compared with traditional long-pulse Nd:YAG lasers
    • LightPod handpiece allows treatment without contacting the wound (quick, easy, sanitary treatment)
    • Ability to dial energy down to low settings for wound healing
    • Gentle treatment of the skin, especially in darker skin types
    • Compact, portable design is easy to use in office or take off-site to other facilities
    • Highly versatile – performs many other medical and aesthetic treatments

17 subjects treated over a 10 week period.  Subjects ranged in age from 36-77.  Subjects ranged in Fitzpatrick Skin Type from I – VI.  Wound types included burns and various ulcers.  Concomitant wound care applied to all subjects.

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