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Aerolase prioritizes clinical excellence that redefine the standards in skin health. Give your patient's the skin of their dreams. 

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Aerolase is at the forefront of laser and light-based technology, offering solutions designed for quick, efficient treatments of various skin conditions with little to no downtime. Our devices are universally safe for all skin types, providing a versatile tool for enhancing patient care and satisfaction.

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Neo Elite by Aerolase

Aerolase is the Inventor of the 650- and 300- microsecond laser energy delivery technology, and the Neo Elite® provides you with the ability to treat skin conditions on any patient of any age or skin type. It's designed for skin health professionals to enhance performance, effectiveness, and profitability.

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Go beyond standard resurfacing devices. Patients require a lot with their skin’s anti-aging needs but each of them has unique needs. Global skin aging and specific areas of concern require a reliable device. Era Elite is a 300-microsecond Er:YAG laser that has everything you need for modern anti-aging results, bringing a new level of efficiency to every person’s aging concern.

Exci308 by Aerolase

Exci308® by Aerolase differs from other excimer devices by being best-in-class with all of its features, including price, size and weight, speed of treatment, and simplicity to use. It is a more affordable and less expensive option to treat autoimmune skin conditions, with equal efficacy, and quicker treatment times.

Exci308 addresses conditions for patients of all ages and skin types:

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