It’s not just about Acne

Acne patients are aware of medications, side effects, difficulties with compliance, and alternative options. They seek more effortless, simplistic ways to deal with acne but are unsure where to find a solution.

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How Aerolase Stands Above the Rest

Not only acne but addressing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and/or erythema and acne scars is part of a complete acne solution. Neo Elite by Aerolase is a device-based, in-office solution to addressing the past, present, and future of acne.


Addressing existing breakouts is comprehensive with Neo Elite by Aerolase:

  • Reduce sebum production through selective heating of the sebaceous glands.
  • Suppress inflammation through coagulation of microvasculature.
  • Eliminate the p. acnes bacteria by superheating the colony.


Aerolase Neo Elite Acne Laser Treatment Jason Emer Before and After

The energy specifically targets the acne scars without damaging any other part of the skin.

The scarring will gradually fade away over time as the laser stimulates new collagen growth, which fills in those dark marks and helps smooth out the surface.


Once current breakouts are controlled, you can use the Neo Elite to clear lasting PIH or PIE.

The Neo Elite helps reduce inflammation contributing to these blemishes while breaking up hyperpigmentation.

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Acne Scars


How Aerolase Differentiates From Other Lasers


A short pulse with insufficient energy is unable to cause a desired change to the target structure, causing no results for the desired treatment outcome.


A long pulse with sufficient energy conducts heat to the epidermis and surrounding tissues of the target structure delivering a desired change but by causing pain and burn risks.


A short pulse with sufficient energy causes a desired change in the skin structure by keeping energy within the target – delivering a comfortable treatment that delivers results.

Improving Upon Your Prescription Therapies

Aerolase’s complete acne solution does not replace how you currently address acne. It simply allows for an alternative solution. You can outline a plan that allows for concomitant therapies and procedural management. This allows for better control of a patient’s journey to clearance, which in turn helps satisfaction and retention.

Treatments are 15⁠–⁠20 minutes, can help with any severity of acne, and can be performed on patients of any age or skin type.

Faster Results

More Effective Outcomes

More Patient Visits

“This is a laser you can combine with everything you do in your practice. If you want to tighten the skin, if you want to reduce pores, if you want to enhance your facials and enhance rejuvenation. If you want to help redness, get rid of acne, this is the combination treatment. And, it even treats darker skin tones, sensitive skin, and skin with pigmentation.”

Jason Emer, MD

Aerolase will give you the tools remove all signs of Acne, Acne Scars and PIH.

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